Chris Redden
I was born and raised on the family farm in rural Maryville, MO. I am the middle child of five. Growing up on the family farm, I always knew I wanted to be a cowboy. I started competing in the Little Britches Rodeos when I was in grade school and went on to High School Rodeos where I was the Missouri State Saddle Bronc and Bareback Champion my junior and senior year of high school. During Christmas break of my senior year in High school, I married my wife Denise. After graduation together we bought the Redden Ranch and started our family. We have two outstanding kids Walter and Jessie, a wonderful son-in-law Justin, and two amazing grandchildren, Brook and Cal. 

Denise and I bought a mare that started it all. Her first colt was a black stallion named “Wrangler Baron Bar” that I started competing on. My first EXCA race was in Kansas City, MO in 2007.  From there I was immediately hooked and have been involved ever since. We have raised several successful colts out of Wrangler and many of them have competed in the EXCA and have gone on to be world champions in their divisions. The Redden Ranch R4 now has a string of good mares that we are raising and selling great started colts that are making successful cowboy racing horses. 

I wish I had known Craig Cameron and the EXCA when Wrangler was a young horse because they have made me want to be a better horseman, not just a cowboy. I have always liked competing and going fast and when the EXCA first started, a well broke ranch horse would do very well. Today, with better horsemanship, braver horses, and more speed with control, it is getting tougher every year and that is what is so great about Craig Cameron and the EXCA.  

We have met a lot of great horsemen and started some forever lasting friendships since we have started in the EXCA. Thank you, Craig Cameron, for making me a better horseman and starting this thing called Extreme Cowboy Racing.