The EXCA Hall of Fame

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The EXCA Board of Directors want to recognize our great cowboys and cowgirls by picking one cowboy and one cowgirl out of five nominees in each category, to be inducted into our EXCA Hall of Fame.

Every year from this year forward, at the EXCA World Championships, two new inductees will be recognized for years of hard work, skills, and dedication.

Each Hall of Fame inductee will receive a beautiful trophy to keep in remembrance of this honorary occasion, and a place in our Hall of Fame with their picture and biography in the EXCA Brave Horse, holding their place of honor in EXCA History!

Hall of Fame Criteria:

  • Best Ambassador/Promoter of the Sport
  • World/National Champion
  • Number of Races Attended
  • Length of Membership
  • Nominations must be submitted by September 1st

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