Jim Best  My name is Jim Best. I shoot straight and say what I mean. Most people know me as the guy that would help anyone to do most anything and the guy with a trailer load of nasty obstacles. There is a little bit more, most of which I will leave a mystery. I also like fast cars and fast horses, of which I have many. There is something to say about speed, there is that adrenaline rush. Speed has it challenges. Speed without control is deadly. I have always said, a fast horse with a handle beats a fast car most any day of the week. There are two sports in the equestrian world I enjoy that test me. I am a major supporter of the Second Amendment. I would like to thank tireless owners of two real great sports associations, Extreme Cowboy Association (EXCA) and Mounted Shooters of America (MSA) of which I have won World and National titles. I would like to thank them for their support for their sports through tuff and good times. I also would like to thank the men and women of law enforcement and our great military. Always remember, some gave and some gave all. Let Freedom Ring.