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Judge's Move Up Criteria

Level 1 represents an entry level opportunity to obtain a judges card that allows you to judge official EXCA contests.  Approval requires successful completion of the Judges exam and ongoing EXCA membership.  Level 1 judges are not restricted to the size or type of EXCA shows they are allowed to judge.  NAB members will be encouraged to observe and report on the performance of these judges; negative reports could result in directives to take specific actions (education/scribing with experienced judge/other conditions) before accepting another EXCA judging assignment.  EXCA strongly encourages Level 1 judges to scribe for Level 3-5 judges at every opportunity to help refine their skills. 

Level 2 indicates the cardholder has successfully attained a recognized level of actual EXCA experience through a combination of actual judging assignments, official EXCA Judges seminars, and successful completion of the level 2 exam.  Level 1 judges may apply for advancement to Level 2 once they complete one of two tracks: Judge 10 official EXCA shows (or judge a minimum of 5 shows and scribe 5 or more times for a level 3-5 judge) OR judge a minimum of 2 EXCA shows and attend (i.e. successfully pass practical and written testing elements) an approved EXCA Judges seminar.  In either case, the candidate must also pass the Level 2 exam.  A onetime "application for advancement fee" will be assessed.  Additional work may be required if it is assessed that the applicant is not yet ready for advancement.     

Level 3 is reserved for judges demonstrating an advanced level of expertise and experience desired for officiating major EXCA contests - such as Regional and State Championships.  Level 3 judges would also be expected to be able to help mentor upcoming judges on both correct interpretation of the rules and unique situations.  Judges may apply for advancement to level three once they have successfully completed one of two tracks : Judge 15 official EXCA shows (including 3  State or Regional Championships) and passing the level 3 judges exam OR  judge a minimum of 7 EXCA shows and attend (successfully pass practical and written testing) an EXCA NATIONAL Advanced Judges seminar.  A onetime "application for advancement fee" will be assessed.  Additional work may be required if it is assessed that the applicant is not yet ready for advancement. 

Level 4: this level is reserved for those individuals who have demonstrated a high level of success and recognition through both the number of shows officiated and the breadth and depth of their EXCA judging activities over an extended period of time.  To be considered for elevation to this level, candidates should have judged major shows (World, National and Regional Championships; large state fairs; other shows considered to be elite events for EXCA) in at least 4 different regions of EXCA.  They should also have successfully attended an EXCA National Advanced Judges seminar.  Level 4 judges are expected to be able to mentor level 3 and lower judges on all aspects of EXCA rules and interpretations.  A onetime "application for advancement fee" will apply.  

Level 5:  this level is reserved for a very limited number of individuals whose exceptional EXCA judging achievements, expertise and contributions makes them worthy of this "EXTREME" recognition - the true pinnacle of recognition for elite EXCA judges.  There is no application process or numerical criteria for this level; it is awarded strictly at the discretion of Judge’s Criteria Committee. 

Major Rules in 2017

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