Justin Branham must have been about 6 years old when his mom, Cindy Branham, went on tour with Craig Cameron in Kansas and Missouri as a clinician doing Craig’s Pre-show.  Justin loved to trail ride, but Cindy couldn’t get him interested in working to improve his horsemanship.  He thought horse shows were “boring”.  Cindy was ready to try Cowboy Racing, she took Justin to audit The World Championships in Topeka, Kansas.  Justin loved the World Championships and decided he wanted to Race also.  He was 7, and his first race was a little rough. Cindy says she remembers him coming up to her on his horse and informing her that she needed to teach him how to side pass and stop his horse better.  EXCA gave young Justin the desire to improve his Horsemanship. 

Justin competed in UHCA and EXCA from age 7 to 16.  He took one year off to pursue football, but decided to come back in 2015.  He made it to the Finals every year he competed finishing 3rd in the Youth in 2015.  About 7 weeks after his amazing ride on Magic at the World Finals he was in a tragic ATV accident taking his life at just 16 years old. 

Justin was a junior at Shawnee Heights High School where he excelled in academics.  He was working towards the goal of applying for the Air Force Academy and had dreams of becoming a fighter pilot. Justin loved horses, hunting, football, friends, family, and most importantly his Heavenly Father.  Justin loved with not only his heart for his friends and family, but with a passion for the lives of people all around him.

Being a member of the EXCA Hall of Fame was one of Justin’s life dreams.