TATER – Hall Of Fame 2014 Tater is a 2003 model, grade, palomino gelding pony.  He belongs to me, Laura Green and my family. We live in Kentucky.  We do not know Tater’s breeding, but certainly there is Haflinger and Quarter Horse influence there.  Who cares what breed he is when he is both so beautiful and talented?  Along with his stunning looks, he is quite the character; we call him “surfer dude”, “the Spud” and “Fabio” because of his attitude and beautiful flowing mane! We also call him “Ole Tarter Sauce”, because he is so saucy! He and my son have won numerous competitions together including the 2015 and 2016 Youth National Champion and the 2012 Young Gun World Champion.  Tater is now competing with my younger daughter aboard as well, and we hope they will be just as successful.   

We got Tater because a little girl was afraid of him.  He had gone through his first 90 days of training where I worked as a training assistant and barn manager – I knew him well.  When the family brought Tater back, because the little girl was so afraid, we could not figure out why.  As soon as the transaction was complete to return him to my employer, I bought him.  I knew he was a perfect match for my 10 year old son – an equally athletic and attitudinal kid!  They hit it off immediately.  That year, at my son’s first EXCA World Championship, Craig selected them as a Wild Card for the finals in the Youth class – mostly, I think, because they were a riot to watch!  Tater would spook at the rails of the arena and my son would drive him back to where he needed to be.  They were fast and all over the place. The hat was gone on the first free ride, shirt tails and main were flying, but there wasn’t an ounce of quit in either one of them.  That’s what I have loved the most about Tater.  Tater has grown in his abilities and has always been a willing mount.  He’s just awesome.

Everywhere we go in EXCA, people know Tater!  He is a bit famous, I guess.  I have been offered quite a lot of money for this 13 hand, grade pony – probably enough that I should have taken it.  But I wouldn’t sell him.  He’s the rock of our herd, he’s our comic relief, he’s our Tater!