The Brave Horse, Issue 3                                                                                                                                March 2009

Welcome to the Extreme Cowboy Association 

We are excited about 2009 and the many fun filled and exciting Extreme Cowboy Racing events that are on the schedule.  The formation of EXCA has been an thrilling and challenging adventure! Many people have worked tirelessly to create an association that you will be proud to tell your friends about.  This is the latest issue of your monthly newsletter, The Brave Horse.  

You will receive it each month electronically around the middle of the month.  The Brave Horse will be full of interesting stories, EXCA event results, point standings, human interest stories about EXCA members and Tips and Tales from our founder, Craig Cameron.  We encourage you to communicate your suggestions for stories and ideas that will make  The Brave Horse fun, better and more informative.  

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I am excited that people are so enthusiastic about the Extreme Cowboy Association and getting involved either as a spectator, rider, or club. Everywhere I go, horse owners are buzzing!

The Extreme Cowboy Association is in its beginning stages and going through growing pains. Please bear in mind, as this rapidly growing sport gets organized, the rules and guidelines may continue to be tweaked. The goal is to make this organization all it is meant to be.

The Extreme Cowboy Association encourages constructive comments for improvement. For every negative aspect volunteered there is a positive approach and it is those positives that Extreme Cowboy Association seeks to achieve. The dream is to grow this equine sport and association into the best doggone horsemanship event in the world!!!

My hat is off to all the people who have started something before me. It is tough—but I have always been drawn to tough. Rodeo[ing] was tough but it educated me on how to prepare, compete, travel, and be tough physically, mentally, and emotionally. Discovering how much work it takes to organize an association is an eye-opener but I have the qualifications.

When you climb down on a bull, it takes a lot just to get there. Not just physically, but you need to be ready to compete emotionally—and emotionally capable of winning! As a producer, I’m using the same skills to organize an association from a strong foundation base that culminates into successful events. That requires many people working long and hard with encouraging participant’s observations along the way.

Extreme Cowboy Association is open to all riders and equine enthusiasts. You can compete on any and all horses, mules, and ponies. Any breed, any gender, any age and that is why Extreme Cowboy Association is going to be phenomenal.

As I look back at my rodeo days, I am proud to have a relatively low card number in the Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association. It means I got there early and committed myself to be around awhile. It is a kind of status symbol. So, tell your friends to join now, get involved, commit yourself and help Extreme Cowboy Association grow. Get that low card number and be a founding member of an association and event that is on the move.

In February, I hosted the Extreme Cowboy Event at Equifest, Wichita, Kansas. What a great event with great folks in the Heartland and believe me the horse and horse people are alive in that area. I set up a tough course and the competitors took it on with incredible passion and fine horsemanship. There was a packed house that cheered riders to outstanding performances.

 When the first go-round was over, the field narrowed to 11 tough finalists. The course was changed, and definitely made more competitive. The riders were put to the test having to exhibit speed with control while maintaining horsemanship skills. Great runs were made by all and when the dust settled, checks were awarded to Top Hands Lee Hart, Loren Basham, Runt Rageth,  with the champion being Clint Donley who sizzled the course with an incredible performance.

Extreme Cowboy Racing is such an exciting event; no two races are ever exactly alike. Remember, the key is in the preparation for you and your horse. A champion is a person who never quits; not a person who has never lost.

—Craig Cameron

Cowboy Up With the Nick Wright Family 

Meet  Nick Wright, EXCA National Advisory Board member from the Lone Star Region.  As this article was being written, Nick was seriously injured in a tractor accident on his ranch in Chandler, Texas.  Nick spent over three weeks in the hospital and is currently in a wheelchair, working very hard in physical therapy in an effort to get back on his feet and on his horse.  The Wright family is hosting the "Expect No Mercy" EXCA event on April 25th at their ranch.  Our hats are tipped to Nick, Diane and Skye for moving forward with the event under very difficult circumstances. 

Nick Wright grew up in West Texas. At 15 yrs old, he left Texas and went on to Colorado, where he and his brother Mark went to school and rode bulls and had lots of fun! Soon after graduating high school he went to college for a short stint but soon went back to work riding and breaking race horses. After a while he left the race horses for work at the feedlots where he doctored cattle and rode pens living the life of a cowboy. He was a feedlot cowboy until 1983 where he again looked south and moved to Canton, TX and was soon back in the saddle again, breaking colts and riding cutting horses for Jonnie Heidle. This is where he learned the way of the cowboy could also be fun and profitable. He moved around from trainer to trainer as an apprentice but has no regrets because of all the knowledge he gained from each and every one of those guys. Nick trained showed and sold some very nice horses during that time. 1987 was the year Nick decided he would be in the horse business for many years to come so he went to Sperry, OK to learn how to shoe horses at Bud Beastons  Oklahoma Farriers College where he graduated top 5 in his class . Then back to east Texas to ride cutters , shoe horses and cowboy, life was good!
 In 1990 Nick was offered an opportunity of a lifetime that would change everything, to travel the world with Dept of Defense  during Desert Shield /Desert Storm working for Air Mobility Command ,which he took. It consumed so much of his time that he quit training for the public but continued buying top bred horses starting and selling them at big sales. It turned out to be a great business in itself and kept him in touch with lots of trainers and buyers. That same year Nick married his longtime girlfriend Diane Bessire life was great!  In January of '93, while in Naples Italy, Nick got the call he had been waiting for, Skye was on the way and he had to fly back to Tyler TX ASAP, hoping to make it before Skye was born. After long hours of traveling, he made it home just in time to see his little girl see this world for the first time with her eyes wide open.

Since then Nick, Diane and Skye, a true rodeo family, will continue to be in the horse business and show horses, which is there true passion.
The Expect No Mercy EXCA The Wrights are having in April was almost canceled due to an accident that occurred February 17th. Nick Wright was injured in a tractor accident, but Diane and Skye decided to go forth with it because the whole family had worked so hard, it seemed that they should have it anyway.
~We are blessed to have so many friends and hope Nick will recover soon~

we hope we will fill the 30 competitor spots before 4-1-09 and are sure that no matter what happens Expect No Mercy will be a great time for everyone, competitors and spectators alike.

Skye Wright, born 1-12-93 she started riding horses at age 2. By the time she was 5 she won her first saddle in the NBHA 1D youth division and placed 2nd behind her mom in the Open 1D. She was on her way!! The very next year she won the open 1D saddle too.
She qualified for NBHA youth and open world every year after that and won countless finalist buckles. Skye trained her 1st horse Sonic Kiss nicknamed "Winner" by the time she turned 12 and now competes on him in barrels and poles. In 2007 at age 14, she rode her horses to the Wrangler Jr. High Rodeo Finals in barrel racing, poles, and goat tying.
She was Reserve Champion at Craig Cameron’s Extreme Cowboy Race in Kansas City, MO in 2008, riding "Winner". Skye was also invited to Craig Cameron’s All Girl Extreme Cowboy Race where she, at 15, was the youngest competitor, placed 3rd respectively. She was riding her dads horse Peptos Bullseye nicknamed "Bullseye" .
Skye is home schooled so she has time to rodeo. She has to keep a high GPA as she cannot compete in NHSRA National High School Rodeo Assn. without keeping her grades up.
Skye is an only child and people say we are very fortunate to have her, we agree. She will continue to be successful and hopefully she will never forget where she came from .
Skye is now 16 and plans to go to college to pursue a Forensic Science Degree or maybe something in the medical field.   


EXCA Feedback Bin 

The 2009 Extreme Cowboy Association season is in full swing.  The weekend of March 21 has three EXCA events in three Regions: North Pacific, South Pacific and Southwestern.  New Event Applications are arriving at the EXCA office every week.  Keep an eye on the Event Schedule page of our website;  for an event in your EXCA Region.

As the season has begun, the questions are coming in from our members on an assortment of topics.  We will respond to your questions each month in the Brave Horse.  


Q.  Can an EXCA Cardholder compete on more than one horse in a single event ?

A.  Yes.  Any EXCA Cardholder may enter a maximum of two (2) horses in the  same Division.  If a rider enters more than one Division, the rider may ride two horses in a single Division and is allowed to ride a third and/or fourth horse in the second Division. Example: John Doe is 55 years old and plans to compete in the Ride Smart Division and the Non-Pro Division at an event.  John Doe would be allowed to enter horses A & B in the Non-Pro Division and horses A, B, C or D in the Ride Smart Division.

 Q.  How are points tracked when an EXCA Cardholder enters multiple horses?

A.  The points are tracked solely on the horse / rider team. The points for multiple horse/rider teams are tracked separately; they are not added together. 

Q.  What happens to the points earned if an EXCA Cardholder sells a horse to another EXCA Cardholder? 

A.  The points stay with the horse/rider team that earned the points.  The points do not transfer to the new horse/rider team. 

Q.  Can an EXCA Cardholder qualify for the World Championship in more than one Region?

A.  Yes.  If an EXCA Cardholder competes in more than one Region, it is possible to qualify in each Region.  All World Qualifying Points remain in the Region that hosted the event. 

Q.  What is the maximum number of judges for a single EXCA event?

A.  Three (3).  The three (3) judges scores will be added together and divided by three( 3) to obtain an average score for World Qualifying Points.

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