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The Brave Horse, Issue 6     


July 2009

Welcome to the Extreme Cowboy Association 

We are excited about 2009 and the many fun filled and exciting Extreme Cowboy Racing events that are on the schedule.  The formation of EXCA has been an thrilling and challenging adventure! Many people have worked tirelessly to create an association that you will be proud to tell your friends about.  This is the latest issue of your monthly newsletter, The Brave Horse.  

You will receive it each month electronically around the middle of the month.  The Brave Horse will be full of interesting stories, EXCA event results, point standings, human interest stories about EXCA members and Tips and Tales from our founder, Craig Cameron.  We encourage you to communicate your suggestions for stories and ideas that will make  The Brave Horse fun, better and more informative.  

The Brave Horse the best newsletter in the equine world.  Please forward your ideas and suggestions to Bill Hull at bhextremecowboy@gmail.com.



Note: This month is the second of a four part series of EXCA Founder, Craig Cameron sharing his thoughts about “Preserving the Cowboy Way”.  We know you will enjoy it!


No Room for Ego

You must take a leadership role, but a true horseman doesn’t work through pain or fear; they work through understanding.  I embrace the late Ray Hunt’s philosophy of making the wrong thing difficult and making the right thing easy.  How can there be a better philosophy?  Your way of working with a horse may be different than mine, but you can use this philosophy.  Not only does it apply to horses, it’s the best philosophy for dealing with kids, dogs and everyone else as well.  Work with the correct attitude and let your idea become their idea.  People are tougher to teach than horses because we let pride and ego become involved.  If you let go of your ego, you won’t be dealing with a horse as if you are better than him.  The horse makes you prove yourself over and over again, but he never let’s you down if you are effective at presenting what you want in the right way.  Then, he’ll come across for you.


Of course, a horse’s individual disposition also comes into play.  Disposition is his ability to relate to or accept the training.  Some horses certainly do that better than others, and we must always be patient with them.  Patience is waiting without worry.  Your job is to give the horse a reason to change, because we ate stepping into his world, and we are asking something of him.  In truth, the horse is perfect by nature when untouched by man.  He only has a problem when we get involved.  People often train horses as if the horse should know what we want, which causes the horse and the person to get frustrated.  It’s our job to teach the horse, so the real question is:  How good of a job are you doing getting the horse to understand what you want?  Truly, that ability is the making of a horseman.


As long as the horse is relaxed, comfortable, and understands, you are doing alright.  But, if he is none of those things, then it is you who must be willing to change.  People often try to make changes through pride or through ego, but the horse never works through ego.  That is one of his most beautiful traits.  You won’t hurt his pride because a horse does not work through foolish pride.  He is willing to accept leadership.  Sometimes he will vie you for it; but if you prove your leadership, he will accept it.

Let's Go "On the Road" With Craig Cameron

Our Founder, Craig Cameron will be competing at “Road to the Horse”, March 6-7, 2010 in the Tennessee Miller Coliseum located in Murfreesboro, TN.  Road to the Horse is considered to be the “original colt starting challenge”. Craig is a crowd favorite everywhere he goes and this will be no exception! Let’s get EXCA members together in Murfreesboro to cheer him on!  Tickets are on sale at www.roadtothehorse.com.



EXCA Members Are Riding Smart and Riding Hard !

 Your 2009 Extreme Cowboy Association season is racing ahead at full speed with events being held nearly every weekend across the country!  We are receiving reports every week about the excitement and enthusiasm.  We want to extend our gratitude and appreciation to each and every one of you for the tireless effort , commitment and enthusiasm that is making your inaugural season so successful. 

Congratulations go out to all of the following Horse/Rider teams that have finished in the top of their Divisions at EXCA events to date this year: 

All of the top finishers in each EXCA event are listed here by Event name and location and by Division. They are listed in detail on the EXCA website.


Event Div First Name Last Name
3S-Ranch 6/27/2009 NP Eve Loftness
3S-Ranch 6/27/2009 P Jerusha Steinert
3S-Ranch 6/27/2009 RS Cynthia Nadler
Acton Chamber Of Commerce 3/21/2009 NP Kelly Baker
Acton Chamber Of Commerce 3/21/2009 P Cam Schryver
Acton Chamber Of Commerce 3/21/2009 RS Glory Fioramonti
Acton Chamber Of Commerce 3/21/2009 Y Laura Benard
Acton Chamber Of Commerce 3/21/2009 YG Kiera Carter
Colorado Cowboys 6/27/2009 NP Melissa Margetts
Colorado Cowboys 6/27/2009 P Nicole Martin
Eagle Ranch 4/18/2009 NP Chris Redden
Eagle Ranch 4/18/2009 RS Gary Stewart
Eagle Ranch 4/18/2009 Y Jessie Redden
East Fork Stables 6/27/2009 NP Stacey McCoy
East Fork Stables 6/27/2009 P Donna Johnston
East Fork Stables 6/27/2009 RS Larry Simpson
Equifest of Kansas 2/13/2009 NP Stacey McCoy
Equifest of Kansas 2/13/2009 P Runt Rageth
Equifest of Kansas 2/13/2009 RS James Best
Equine Affaire, Inc California 1/29/2009 NP Corinne Lindquist
Equine Affaire, Inc California 1/29/2009 P Cam Schryver
Equine Affaire, Ohio 4/2/2009 NP Larry Simpson
Equine Affaire, Ohio 4/2/2009 P Lori Montgomery
Equine Affaire, Ohio 4/2/2009 RS James Best
Equine Performance 2/21/2009 NP Rick Cruz
Equine Performance 2/21/2009 P Kenny Ennis
Equine Performance 2/21/2009 Y Carly Bowerman
Equine Performance 2/21/2009 YG Brianna Bremer
EXCA Arizona 3/19/2009 NP Popper Dubray
EXCA Arizona 3/19/2009 P Silvia Richardson
EXCA Arizona 3/19/2009 RS Bob Giacolone
EXCA Arizona 3/19/2009 Y Lindsey Robertson
Gambler's Ridge 5/2/2009 NP Tracy Pinson
Gambler's Ridge 5/2/2009 P Mark Hausman
Gambler's Ridge 5/2/2009 Y Coti Hausman
Heartland Ranch 4/11/2009 NP Jorge Moser
Heartland Ranch 4/11/2009 P Rex Buchman
Heartland Ranch 4/11/2009 RS Denise Stewart
Heartland Ranch 4/11/2009 Y Cody Cooper
Heartland Ranch 6/13/2009 NP Joshua Rushing
Heartland Ranch 6/13/2009 P Lowell Anderson
Heartland Ranch 6/13/2009 RS James Best
Liberty Oaks Ranch 4/18/2009 NP Jon Reuter
Liberty Oaks Ranch 4/18/2009 P Rick Hoffman
Liberty Oaks Ranch 4/18/2009 RS Vincent Spiaggia
Liberty Oaks Ranch 4/18/2009 Y Carly Bowerman
Liberty Oaks Ranch 5/9/2009 NP Carly Bowerman
Liberty Oaks Ranch 5/9/2009 RS Pam Salin
Liberty Oaks Ranch 5/9/2009 Y Obbie Schlom
Liberty Oaks Ranch 5/9/2009 YG Addison Coutts
Loch Moy 6/6/2009 NP Tracy Pinson
Loch Moy 6/6/2009 RS Dave Butts
Midwest Extreme Cowboy Club 5/23/2009 NP Steve Barrett
Midwest Extreme Cowboy Club 5/23/2009 P Jennie Wentworth
Midwest Extreme Cowboy Club 5/23/2009 Y Ivy Heldt
Midwest Extreme Cowboy Club 6/20/2009 NP Steve Barrett
Midwest Extreme Cowboy Club 6/20/2009 P Tyler Kruse
Northwest Horse Fair and Exposition 3/19/2009 NP Tammy Harty
Northwest Horse Fair and Exposition 3/19/2009 P Keith Danielson
Reed Valley Ranch 6/20/2009 N Julie Whipple
Reed Valley Ranch 6/20/2009 NP Kelly Baker
Reed Valley Ranch 6/20/2009 P Rick Hoffman
Reed Valley Ranch 6/20/2009 RS Glory Fioramonti
Reed Valley Ranch 6/20/2009 Y Carly Bowerman
Reed Valley Ranch 6/20/2009 YG Addison Coutts
Riverside Rancheros 5/30/2009 NP Corinne Lindquist
Riverside Rancheros 5/30/2009 P Robin Bond
Riverside Rancheros 5/30/2009 RS Molly Rush
Riverside Rancheros 5/30/2009 Y Obbie Schlom
Riverside Rancheros 5/30/2009 YG Addison Coutts
Rocky Mountain Horse Expo 3/13/2009 NP Corinne Lindquist
Rocky Mountain Horse Expo 3/13/2009 P Rick Hoffman
Saddle & Sirloin 6/19/2009 N Frances Jones
Saddle & Sirloin 6/19/2009 NP Skye Wright
Saddle & Sirloin 6/19/2009 P Cliff Hall
Saddle & Sirloin 6/19/2009 RS James Best
Saddle & Sirloin 6/19/2009 Y Jake Glidewell
The Wrights 4/25/2009 NP Frances Jones
The Wrights 4/25/2009 P Nicole Martin
Why Not An American Ark 3/7/2009 NP Stacey McCoy
Why Not An American Ark 3/7/2009 P Mark Hausman


Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Will I receive a higher score riding a snaffle bit or by riding one hand in the bridle?

A. Riding one hand in the bridle shows more advanced training of the horse.  When done correctly, one hand in the bridle will typically score a little higher than correctly riding a snaffle bit.  You must keep in mind that the knowledge of the judge knowing the difference will have a significant impact on the score.


Q.  When does a contestant typically receive a zero (0)?

A.  A contestant will receive a zero (0) when he/she skips an obstacle and begins another obstacle.  Example: the contestant completes obstacle # 7, skips # 8 and starts obstacle # 9. The result is a zero (0) plus a 30 second time penalty.  A contestant should not receive a zero(0) if they make a legitimate attempt at an obstacle but are not able to do the obstacle and are whistled on to the next obstacle. With a legitimate attempt the contestant should receive a score of .5, 1, 1.5 or perhaps a 2.


Q. When can I buy tickets for the EXCA World Championship?

A. Tickets are on sale now and are available at www.extremecowboyassociation.com and www.craigcameron.com .  Take advantage of the “Early Bird Special” for discounted tickets?


Q.  How can I find out how I am doing toward qualifying for the EXCA World Championship?

A.  Go to our website, www.extremecowboyassociation.com and click the Point Standing page.  The only section that will give you the World Championship qualifying information is the REGIONAL point page.


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The Brave Horse the best newsletter in the equine world.  Please forward your ideas and suggestions to Bill Hull at bhextremecowboy@gmail.com.