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EXCA Brave Horse

The Brave Horse, Volume 2, Issue 6    


June 2010

Welcome to the Extreme Cowboy Association 

We are excited about 2010 and the many fun filled and exciting Extreme Cowboy Racing events that are on the schedule.  The formation of EXCA has been an thrilling and challenging adventure! Many people have worked tirelessly to create an association that you will be proud to tell your friends about.  This is the latest issue of your monthly newsletter, The Brave Horse.  

You will receive it each month electronically around the middle of the month.  The Brave Horse will be full of interesting stories, EXCA event results, point standings, human interest stories about EXCA members and Tips and Tales from our founder, Craig Cameron.  We encourage you to communicate your suggestions for stories and ideas that will make  The Brave Horse fun, better and more informative.  

The Brave Horse the best newsletter in the equine world.  Please forward your ideas and suggestions to Bill Hull at bhextremecowboy@gmail.com.


Every Leader Has Followers

By Craig Cameron


Horses run in herds for two simple reasons:  safety and companionship.  They are like a military unit; there’s an officer and there are soldiers.  Every herd has a leader and followers.  Herds vary in size from very large to as few as two.  Horses quickly learn the herd order or pecking order. A horse may also challenge the leader and win the top slot through intimidation of combat. If the order changes, it is typically because a horse gets hurt, sick or taken away from the herd.  At that point, the pecking order changes.


As a horseman, you must also develop the pecking order with your horse.  It goes without saying that you need to be the leader.  You can only accomplish this with your horse through trust, work and understanding; it should not be accomplished through fear or pain. Developing trust and understanding requires time, patience and consistency.  This is the only effective way for your horse to develop trust and respect for you as the leader.  Once your leadership is established, always keep in mind that it took time to create your leadership but it only takes an instant to lose it. Always treat your horse with kindness dignity and respect with appropriate discipline.  With that approach, he will respect your leadership and you will become the leader of the herd.


Ride hard and always Ride Smart.


Craig Cameron



By Tracy Pinson

I have been involved with horses in some form or fashion for over 30 years, and every day with horses I learn something new.  They are my therapy from a career in consumer goods sales and marketing, where I have been employed for 23 years.  Before I give away my real age, I’ll move on to how I became involved in the Extreme Cowboy Association.


After watching Craig Cameron’s Extreme Cowboy Race on RFD-TV, I knew that it was something we (Skyjacker’s Mountain High aka “Tuff” and I) had to try.  Who knew, just a short time later, that Wayne Conkle, Tuff, and I (along with our good friends Lisa Steinbach and Diane McMurtrey who attend most of our races) would be traveling from Florida to North Carolina, Maryland, and Kansas to actually compete in these events. 


If you haven’t competed in an Extreme Cowboy Race, I must tell you that they are even more fun to compete in than they are to watch!  Craig summarized the race best with his description – Kamikaze speed with surgical precision.  The courses require the horse and rider teams to run at full speed and then be able to rein the horse back to perform flying leading changes, ground tie, climb moguls, cross water, side pass over logs, go through tunnels, shoot balloons from horseback, joust, jump ditches, ride through trash, or navigate tight obstacles.  The course is timed, but horsemanship is a larger factor in the overall score.  Your horse has to lope well, respond properly to cues, and be able to negotiate any obstacles without hesitation.  These events combine my love of speed events (Pole Bending and Barrel Racing) with the trail obstacle courses that Tuff seems to enjoy.


In order to qualify for the World Finals, horse and rider teams are required to compete in events within a region, then the top teams from each region are invited to the finals.  Since there were no events in the Southeast, we traveled to the Mid-Atlantic region where events were held in North Carolina and Maryland to qualify for the World Finals.  While at our first event in North Carolina, we were fortunate enough to meet Joyce Lewis, who had competed in several of the Craig Cameron races on television.  She mentored and coached us, so that we knew what to prepare for in regional races, as well as the world finals. 


The Extreme Cowboy Race World Finals were held in Topeka, Kansas last November and attracted horses from 26 states.  There were six divisions (Pro, Non-Pro, Youth, Ride Smart, Novice, and Young Guns) – all offering the best teams from all over the country.  Tuff and I competed in the Non-Pro division, which was the largest with 34 entries. 


The Non-Pro course was the same as the Pro division and we faced obstacles including shooting, jumping, running, roping, dragging, loading in a trailer, bareback, ground-tying, standing in the saddle, teetering bridges, and many others.  Each rider competed in two rounds and the top ten cumulative scores went back in the final round.  With so many awesome teams from around the country, making the top 10 was no easy task.


After the first two rounds, Tuff and I were in second place, with only a half point separating us from the first place horse – this just seemed surreal.  Just before the final round, the course was posted and I was excited to see that half way through, we were required to strip our saddle and remount bareback.  Running, jumping, spinning, and performing rollbacks while riding without a saddle – what a blast!


Tuff’s sire, Coin’s Skyjacker, was a multi-time world champion versatility horse and won Florida’s battle of the breeds.  Wayne and I bought Skyjacker through an auction as a four year old and had him 16 great years before we lost him in 2004.  Fortunately, Wayne bred him to his one of his best mares and produced Tuff before his passing.  Destined to walk in his father’s footsteps, Tuff told us early on that he was also going to be a versatile horse.  He completed his Supreme Versatility Championship by the age of four and has already won numerous World Versatility Championships and High Points in his eight short years. 


With a Walking Horse winning the Non-Pro division and a Spotted Saddle Horse winning the Youth division, it proves that the Extreme Cowboy Association is an all breed organization.  If you’ve got a horse that can compete, rest assured that the EXCA judges will look at all breeds objectively – Something rarely found in many equine sports.


We are honored to hold the 2009 Extreme Cowboy Non-Pro World Champion title - having competed with the best in the country is an experience that we will never forget and we do not take that title lightly.  The response that we have received from so many people in the horse industry has been awesome – we hope to be good ambassadors for the EXCA, as well as the Tennessee Walking Horse.


Who knows what’s next…..So far this year, Tuff and I have done several exhibitions, including Road to the Horse, and have appeared in RFD-TV programs, as well as many national publications.  I attended the EXCA Judging Clinic that Craig hosted to get my level 3 judges license and hope to judge some events this year.  As a member of the EXCA National Advisory Board, I am working with various groups to promote Extreme Cowboy Racing and develop new events in the Southeast.  We never know what the future holds for us, but as long as I am able, I’ll be “riding extreme”!


Special thanks to Craig for bringing your idea of the Extreme Cowboy Race to the world!  Dalene, Bill, Barbara, and Frank – Thanks for all the hours you have put in to make Craig’s dream a reality – We have all benefited from it!


Good luck to everyone this year and hope to see you all soon!


Tracy & Tuff



The EXCA Regional Championships are fast approaching!  We encourage all EXCA members to support your Regional Championship event. The host Club is going to significant effort and expense to produce a high quality event for you.  The continued success of local Clubs and the EXCA depends on you supporting the events in your Region.  Most of the Regional Championships are posted on the Event Schedule page of the EXCA website.  The Regional Championships that are not yet posted will be posted soon.


Good luck to each of you as you continue your 2010 EXCA season! 




EXCA Founder, Craig Cameron has teamed up with RFD-TV to bring Extreme Cowboy Racing back to television!  This Extreme Cowboy Race will be for EXCA members only! 

The Race will be held in Bluff Dale, Texas on the original Extreme Cowboy course located on the Double Horn Ranch.  You will ride some of the original obstacles and you can be assured there will be some new ones!  After all, Craig is the  original Extreme Cowboy.


The dates of the Race will be August 15-17.  Check in at the ranch will be on August 15 at 4PM.  The Race will be on August 16 & 17. 


The entry application can be found on the EXCA website.  You can send your application by email or mail it to EXCA, P.O. Box 50, Bluff Dale, TX., 76433.  Sixteen EXCA members will be invited to compete in this race.  All applications will be considered.  It is not a Pros only event!!  This a televised event only - it is not a WPQ event.


You will find additional details on the EXCA website.


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The Brave Horse the best newsletter in the equine world.  Please forward your ideas and suggestions to Bill Hull at bhextremecowboy@gmail.com.



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