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We are excited about 2012 and the many fun filled and exciting Extreme Cowboy Racing events that are on the schedule. The formation of EXCA has been an thrilling and challenging adventure! Many people have worked tirelessly to create an association that you will be proud to tell your friends about.


This is the latest issue of your monthly newsletter, The Brave Horse.


You will receive it each month electronically around the middle of the month. The Brave Horse will be full of interesting stories, EXCA event results, point standings, human interest stories about EXCA members and Tips and Tales from our founder, Craig Cameron. We encourage you to communicate your suggestions for stories and ideas that will make The Brave Horse fun, better and more informative. The Brave Horse the best newsletter in the equine world.


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Craig mm photo
Photo By: Marilyn Merrick

Message from Craig Cameron



Double Horn Ranch

The Making of Great Horses & Horseman


In the beginning a horse does not see the reason, meaning or purpose in what we are asking him to do. Through repetition he learns what we want or do not want of him. In my line of work as a clinician I am presented with many tough horses that are deemed un-trainable. People always ask for the secret in training that type of horse? There is no secret. Horses respond positively to effective training techniques.


The best horsemen are casual around their horses. Training in a relaxed fashion and with an effective process

entails working with the horse, not against him. If you follow this formula positive results are inevitable. In public demonstrations with "unrideable" horses, time after time the horses have amazed on-lookers by quickly relating to positive training. In just a matter of an hour the first-rides were accomplished without a bronc-ride or mishap.


The key is to be an effective trainer with effective techniques. If you are not effective, no matter how good your intentions are you might as well be looking west for the sunrise. Like the horse, you must be willing to change and work to have the first ride an important one and remember from good beginnings things tend to come naturally. --------- Craig Cameron



In This Issue
Craig Cameron Tools of the Trade
Sponsorship Opportunities
Message From Our New NAB Chairman
2011 World Championship
2011 Hall of Fame Inductees
Craig Cameron Collection
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Especially Extreme Cowboy Racing!
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Contact EXCA

Texas Headquarters


Phone: (254) 728-3082

Fax: (254) 728-3081





Buckles: will be given out to the winners of each go round.

Final Run: starts with a clean slate (winner of Final Round takes the title)

Show Committees:

Event Committee: now forming

Sponsorship Committee:

Cece Lamborne Bulkley

with Evon Kurtz assisting.

Spectator Passes:

Sponsors and competitors receive two extra passes.


2012 Cowtown Challenge

EXCA National Championship


Date: June 1-3, 2012



Will Rogers Memorial Center W.R.

Watt Arena

3401 West Lancaster Avenue

Fort Worth, Texas


Payback in cash and/or prizes

based on number of entries


Craig Cameron American Horsemanship Demonstrations


Qualifying: None

Details: Entry includes 2 Expo passes. RV Hook-ups available. Stalls available Thurs PM thru Mon AM.

Clean Slate Finals Run




  • TV appearance opportunity for you and your horse!!
  • One rider from each club will be chosen regardless of age or division to compete at the Double Horn Ranch, Bluff Dale Texas!
  • Finals to be aired on RFD TV
  • Contact your local EXCA club for upcoming information!


Due to minimal changes in the EXCA 2012 Rulebook, there will be no requirement to take the online renewal test. Judges can request their card when renewing their EXCA membership.

Bill Cameron
Photo by Andrea Kaus
2012 is going to be an exciting year for EXCA!
A new team has been put together committed to the future and success of the association.
We have many new ideas about to be put in place.
I have been asked to step up and lead the National Advisory Board. What this means is that I am making myself available for members and NAB members to give their valuable input that I will act upon when necessary. I would like to encourage everyone to participate in expressing your ideas to help improve our club in the future.
- - - Bill Cameron

2011 EXCA World Championship


We would like to congratulate our winners and finalists for making it a great competition. Looking forward to next years World Championship. - - - - Evon Kurtz
Photos Contributed by Marilyn Merrick


Young Guns

2011 World Champion Young Guns: Kora Bower
World Champions: Kora Bower & JJ
Reserve World Champions: Elena Malia Aoki & Hickory, 3rd: Dannah Westbrook & Lazy J Bailef's Star, 4th: Dannah Westbrook & Peps Shining Diamond, 5th: Jayton Hart & Buster, 6th:Cullen Green & Tater, 7th: Kaylie Campbell & Choco, 8th: Regan Caines & Alley, 9th: Alexus Mcglamry & Zippy, 10th: Brooke Matson & Trader



World Champions: Lee Hart & Boons Mojo Risin

Reserve World Champions: Lee Hart & Lidos Short N Tweet

3rd: Rick Hoffman & Nu Royal Remedy, 4th: Jorge Moser & Boomer, 5th: Bill Cameron & Tru Wings of a Dove, 6th: Tyler Kruse & Baby, 7th: Jason Keeker & April Valentine SK, 8th: Laura McCracken & Im Poco Boogie King 2, 9th: James Best & Pep Olinas Radar



2011 World Champion Novice: Elizabeth Roten World 2011 Novice: Elizabeth Roten & Craig Cameron

World Champions: Elizabeth Roten & Belle Reserve World Champions: Casey Freels & KK Dirty Lil Secret, 3rd: Paula Bellisi & Whiz Kid, 4th: Michelle Schmidt & Aint No Scaredy Cat, 5th: CC Metzier Shelby the Mustang, 6th: Robin Moxley & Hesa Itsybitsyslider, 7th: Jodie Nichols & Chili, 8th: Elizabeth Hanzel & Brown, 9th: Dennis Tipton & Goodbars Sonny, 10th: Meilan Sim & Texan at the Ritz


Non Pro

2011 World Champion Non Pro: Susan Morris

World Champions: Susan Morris & Cajun

Reserve World Champions: Steve Barrett & Mr Genuine Doc, 3rd: Angie Jones & Black Jack, 4th: Tracey Pinson & Skyjackers Mountain High, 5th: Kelsie Graham & Flower, 6th: Paula Bellesi & Whiz Kid, 7th: Greg Schuetz &One Genuine Diamond, 8th: Tracy Pinson & Texan at the Ritz, 9th: Robin Moxley & Liltuckgotboom, 10th: Joseph Visser & Meet My Dust


Ride Smart

2011 World Champion Ride Smart: Steve Barrett

World Champions: Steve Barrett & Mr Genuine Doc

Reserve World Champions: Kate Fowler & Dusty, 3rd: Deborah Hedges & Gun Swinger, 4th: Glory Fioramonti & Spirit, 5th: Pam Salin & Trixie La Gota, 6h:Cindy Lafferty & Hottie Berry, 7th: James Best & Little Black Skids, 8th: Frances Jones & Big Cowboy, 9th: James Best & Honey, 10th: Judy Coffel & Haillie



2011 World Champion Youth: Joseph Visser World 2011 Youth: Joseph Visser & Craig Cameron View our videos on YouTube

World Champions: Joseph Visser & Meet My Dust

Reserve World Champions: Meilan Sim & Texan at the Ritz, 3rd: Jamie Ciletti & Newt, 4th: Sadie Roberie & Painted Sparks, 5th: Tyler Singleton & Snicker, 6th: Justin Branham & Chiefs Dream Maker, 7th: Cullen Green& Tater, 8th: Brittany Wiseheart &Chief, 9th: Alyssa Rochelle & Jackson, 10th: Eliza Green & Lightnin'



2011 World Champion Pro: Cam SchryverView our videos on YouTube

World Champions: Cam Schryver & Sticks

Reserve World Champions: Robin Bond & I'll Cowboy Up, 3rd: Laurie Shelton & Ima Little Tequila, 4th: Lee Hart & Buster, 5th: Greg Robinson & Smarts Spooky Playboy, 6th: Joshua Rushing & Mini Dusty 7th: Wendy Stephens& Peps Shining Diamond, 8th: Jason Keeker & Lost River Boons, 9th: Wendy Stephens & The Bailef, 10th: Rick Hoffman & Gypsy Chick


2011 Hall of Fame Inductees
2011 Hall of Fame: From left to right: Mishca Randall, Bill Cameron & Frank Turben.


This year at the 2012 World Championship, two horses will be inducted into the EXCA Hall of Fame. Contact Frank Turben to submit your choices for nomination.

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Sponsorships, Branding, Display & Signage Opportunities

Visibility for sponsors is offered through web, advertising, printed flyers, signage booth, and race day promotions. Corporate sponsors are encouraged to take advantage of the various opportunities for exposure.

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