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We are excited about 2012 and the many fun filled and exciting Extreme Cowboy Racing events that are on the schedule. The formation of EXCA has been an thrilling and challenging adventure! Many people have worked tirelessly to create an association that you will be proud to tell your friends about.


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Photo By: Marilyn Merrick

Stories From Craig Cameron


Perseverance - Riding the Tough Ones


People are curious and often ask, "What's the toughest horse you've ever worked?" "Has there ever been a horse you couldn't tame?" Traveling around the country as a horse trainer who'll work with any horse is much like a prizefighter willing to take on all comers.


I was a professional bull rider for many years and competed at the country's biggest rodeos. My challenge was to ride the rankest bulls the stock contractor could provide. In rodeo, it's the cowboy versus the contractor. The cowboy says, "I

can ride anything you've got, and the contractor says, "I can put you on the ground."


When I began putting on public colt starting demonstrations, I never meant them to be a challenge; however, my audience had other ideas. Instead of bringing horses for a learning demonstration, people brought them as a contest. "Craig Cameron is coming to town? Yeah, have we got one for him." After 20 years of proving myself and the method of working through understanding with horses, regrettably this contesting still goes on.

I think it's a lot like auto racing or rodeo. Some folks come hoping to see a wreck.


Tough horses-I can name you a few. Las Cruces, N.M., 1992, a bad mare flipped completely over on me. Oklahoma City, a rank and spoiled stallion ran me over, and I still carry that scar on my shoulder today. At the Red Steagall Cowboy Gathering in Forth worth, I was kicked to the ground. Amarillo Ranch Rodeo, I was kicked by an outlaw and

had to be helped on the horse to finish before going to the hospital to drain the fluid off my knee. I was bucked off three times by the same mare in Ardmore, Okla., before finally "getting through" on that horse. As James Gholson, wagon boss of the Pitchfork Ranch, or the crowd that attended the Sweetwater, Texas Ranch Rodeo about the black stallion that kicked me down, pawed me and bucked me off twice before I "conquered" that bronc. The list goes on and on.


Obviously, there've been many tough horses, but one in particular comes to mind when I think of truly tough. My good friend, and one of the finest horsemen I know; Mark Chestnut of Whitesboro, Texas, had three long yearlings for sale, two fillies and a stallion. They were well-bred and the price was right. We sealed the deal, and my wife, Dalene, and I headed to Whitesboro. Not being halter-broke, the youngsters were wild but looked great. We crowded them into my stock trailer and were homeward bound with our new horses in tow.


Two fillies broke out soft and melted down into a smooth training routine. The little stallion that I eventually had gelded, however; was a horse of a different color. There was something contrary about him. He had a standoffish air. Just catching him in a stall was a task, even though he wore a halter and lead rope. He received many hours of leading, brushing, tying, and good ground work, but still the trust wasn't there.


My first trip to the round pen with this guy was memorable. The setting was an indoor arena with a 45-foot portable round pen set close to the barn window. I simply walked into the training corral. I hadn't moved or even started to work the young prospect when, without warning, he unhesitatingly and very athletically jumped completely out of that barn window and was gone. I think I laughed and cussed at the same time. I knew right then that then that this horse was a bit of a rattlesnake and was wild as sage. We started calling him Sage...


To Be Continued


Excerpt from: RIDE SMART by Craig Cameron with Kathy Swan. Page 156 & 157. Published by Western Horseman.

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Hooves N Irons Extreme Cowboy Race with Craig Cameron


Date: May 26, 2012

Location: CPR Ranche, Dersch Rd

Anderson, Ca


"Hot as a Pistal" race commentary by Craig Cameron. An exciting fast paced race against the clock.

1 Full Go - top 25% up to 10 riders return for a 2nd Go -- per Division (2 round accumulative points) .


$1000 Event Guaranteed Cash Payment. All riders of all disciplines welcome.

Buckles to 1st & 2nd

Cash Payout to 3rd place

Awards thru 6th place

Limited to 50 Riders

Spectators welcome $12

Tickets & Entry Info: 530-347-0212

Bill Cameron
Photo by Andrea Kaus
"The "Judges Recap" score sheets must be posted upon completion of contestants class so that they can see how they are scored. However, contestants may not approach the judge with questions until the end of the day or event, whichever comes first".

You will find the Judges Recap tab in the EXCA Software. Select "Sort by Division" and print up the division selection for posting.

This procedure change will be included in the 2013 rulebook. - - - Bill Cameron


So. Pacific NAB Member & EXCA level 3 Judge


With regard to allocated 30 second time limit on cattle roping:

The rules state that you have 30 seconds to complete an obstacle, they also say that the judge can allow for the completion of an obstacle once the whistle has been blown if sufficient progress has been made. It is up to the event host/judge/sponsor's judgment to allow more time for a specific obstacle. There is nothing wrong with allowing more time. However, if these options are not discussed as allowable during the walk through you can't assume them to be true.


Everyone is different but here is what I advise anyone I work with:

Keep as much confusion as you can away from the herd, you want them calm when you are ready to sort or rope. Build your loop before you get to the herd & move in quietly, maybe walk the last 20 feet (never lope) and do not swing the rope before you are ready to throw (do not swing it all of the way across the pen, the cows will be gone). Pick your steer and shot before you commit. When I practice I spend a good amount of time on a dummy and I will practice quite a bit throwing with only one swing to open the loop (I also practice on different shots). It is very fast so you can usually get it delivered before your shot is gone (one swing can also be less accurate). When I am on cattle I decide what shot I want before I approach (the shape of the pen has a lot to do with it) because the approach sets the shot up and moves the steers into position for what I want to do (have a back-up plan, it's not a perfect science, you need to be ready to swing different loops based on the setup).



This all may be just a bunch of words to you, but remember this if nothing is a race and time is important but even more importantly being ready and being calm will help with your execution.


In all of the major events I have been at the better ropers were building a loop before they even got to the pen, some of them carried it from the start already built and completed several obstacles with it in their hand and others built it on the approach to the pen, very few build a loop in the pen, never close to the cattle.


I will be setting up a roping clinic before my first race to help everyone get ready for the rest of the year, I hope to see you there. - - - - Gary Lubben



2012 EXCA National Championship




AmeriEquine Festival of the Horse

June 1-3, 2012

Here is your chance to perform in front of a huge crowd and walk away with an EXCA National Title. Prizes & Money guaranteed.


In your down time you can see legendary reiners - Tim McQuay, Tom & Mandy McCutchen, the woman behind Cavalia & her horses - Silvia Zerbini, champion of Dressage - Mari Mondo Zduic, and World Champion Endurance rider - Becky Hart. Don't forget to drop on by and see Emmy Lou Harris and The Riders in the Sky perform live.

For details on the first AmeriEquine Festival of the Horse visit:

For EXCA Nationals entry information contact Frank Turben.

See Craig Cameron American Horsemanship Demonstrations


EXCA Nationals Location:

Will Rogers Memorial Center Watt Arena

3401 West Lancaster Avenue

Fort Worth, Texas


Payback in cash and/or prizes

based on number of entries


Qualifying: None

Details: Entry includes 2 Expo passes. RV Hook-ups available.

Stalls available Thurs PM thru Mon AM.

Clean Slate Finals Run


  • TV appearance opportunity for you and your horse!!
  • One rider from each club will be chosen regardless of age or division to compete at the Double Horn Ranch, Bluff Dale Texas!
  • Finals to be aired on RFD TV
  • Contact your local EXCA club for upcoming information!

California Regional Boundaries

By request the Northern and Southern California Regional boundaries have been merged together.


Prizes: Buckles will be given out to the winners of each go round.

Final Run: starts with a clean slate (winner of Final Round takes the title)


Show Committees:

Event Committee: now forming

Sponsorship Committee:

Cece Lamborne Bulkley with Evon Kurtz assisting.


Spectator Passes:

Sponsors and competitors receive two extra passes.


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