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We are excited about 2012 and the many fun filled and exciting Extreme Cowboy Racing events that are on the schedule. The formation of EXCA has been an thrilling and challenging adventure! Many people have worked tirelessly to create an association that you will be proud to tell your friends about.


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Training Tips From Craig Cameron




A great stopping horse is soft and supple, not only physically, but also mentally. Physically he's relaxed and mentally he understands. Developing a nice stop on your horse shouldn't be hard. The main thing is preparation. You want him to understand the stop and put effort into slowing down. You don't want him working through fear.

Many people make the mistake of trying to snatch or jerk their horses into the ground. That's a terrible fault, because now the horse works through pain, which creates fear. Remember, that a bit works through pressure. If you pull hard enough, it works through pain. If your horse is in pain, he can't concentrate on the task at hand. He only anticipates the snatch or jerk, which makes for an out-of- position, nervous and unpredictable horse.

When a horse stops correctly, he puts his weight on his hindquarters and elevates his front end. The main reason a horse stops incorrectly, in other words, on his front end, is that he wasn't prepared. He was out of position at the time he was asked to stop-his head was too high or too low, his body was crooked, or the rider jerked his bit. No one told him he was going to stop. There was no preparation. Here's how to teach your horse to stop willingly and well.


Develop the Stop

Start at a walk. The best cues for a stop are to sit down and melt into the saddle, basically stop riding or moving. This prepares your horse for the stop by signaling to him what you're doing. He feels the change - your lack of movement - so he stops moving, too. At the same time, use one of your most important verbal cues, "whoa." If the horse doesn't respond, only then pick up on the reins and hold. The moment he stops, release your hold.

To walk out again, liven the activity in your seat and allow your horse to follow the feel. Smooch or cluck if he doesn't move; then squeeze with your legs if he still doesn't walk. Next, move up to a trot and repeat the above. To stop, simply melt down in your saddle and quit riding. Say "whoa." Do this over and over until your horse understands the cues.

One good exercise is getting your horse to "think" stop. Assume a working trot, either through the cones or out on a trail, ask your horse to stop every so often, maybe 10, 12, 15 times. Trot 10 yards, then stop. Trot another 15 yards, stop. Trot 5 yards, stop. Trot 20 yards, stop. What you'll find is that, all of a sudden, your horse anticipates or "thinks" stop. You won't believe how fast he'll pick up on this. I guarantee it. Every time you sit and say "whoa," your horse will think stop and put on the brakes.

Be careful of where your hands are, especially on a young horse. Don't put them too high or low; hold them in a natural way. Be soft and create good habits from the beginning.


Stop and Back

If your horse has a tendency to walk forward out of the stop, doesn't really use his hindquarters, or braces at the stop, here's what to do.

Ask for the stop, give a quick release on the reins as a reward, but then back your horse immediately. Say "whoa" as you back. It should happen like this: Stop the horse, say "whoa," release the reins, then back him saying "whoa, whoa, whoa." Release again and drive your horse forward. Go 10 yards and stop. Say "whoa." Release, back him again.

Another version: Ask for a stop and keep your hold on the reins. Don't release as above. Maintain your hold on the reins, saying "whoa" until your horse takes a step backward. When he does, then release your hold. Now, your horse will really think stop and get on his hindquarters because when he does, you'll release him. You also can use a combination of rein bumps as you hold: right rein, left rein, right rein, left rein to back. Then don't forget to release.


Excerpt from: RIDE SMART by Craig Cameron with Kathy Swan. Page 185-186. Published by Western Horseman.

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Craig Cameron Tools of the Trade
Sponsorship Opportunities
Hooves N Irons EXCA Race
AQHA Trail Challenge @ Nationals
EXCA World News
Message From Our New NAB Chairman
EXCA Club Highlights: Aloha Region
National Championship Schedule & News
Craig Cameron Collection
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Contact EXCA

Texas Headquarters


Phone: (254) 728-3082

Fax: (254) 728-3081



Hooves N Irons Extreme Cowboy Race with Craig Cameron


Date: May 26, 2012

Location: CPR Ranch, Dersch Rd

Anderson, CA


"Hot as a Pistal" race commentary by Craig Cameron. An exciting fast paced race against the clock.

1 Full Go - top 25% up to 10 riders return for a 2nd Go -- per Division (2 round accumulative points) .


  • $1000 Event Guaranteed Cash Payment. All riders of all disciplines welcome.
  • Buckles to 1st & 2nd
  • Cash Payout to 3rd place
  • Awards thru 6th place
  • Limited to 50 Riders
  • Spectators welcome $12

Tickets & Entry Info: 530-347-0212


$15 per day Youth Quarter Horse Class

$20 per day Adult Quarter Horse Class Level 1 - Training Level
$20 per day Adult Quarter Horse Class Level 3 - Master Level

* Riders must show proof of current AQHA or AQHYA membership and an official registration certificate for each American Quarter Horse competing in any AQHA Trail Challenge Class

* All three classes will compete on Friday and Saturday, each day is a separate event with separate points.

* EXCA membership is not required for the Trail Challenge

* Trail Challenge awards & prizes to be provided by AQHA


Attention EXCA Mustang Owners:
Earn a Dale Martin High Point Saddle!


Bring On The Mustangs!

The top yearend point mustang will win a custom Dale Martin Saddle to be presented at the EXCA World Championship.



  • Buckles will be given out to the winners of each go round.
  • Final Run: starts with a clean slate (winner of Final Round takes the title)


Show Committees:

Event Committee: now forming

Sponsorship Committee:

Cece Lamborne Bulkley with

Evon Kurtz assisting.


Spectator Passes:

Sponsors and competitors receive two extra passes.


Bill Cameron
Photo by Andrea Kaus
Setting Up For Success,
Designing the First Course
If you are considering starting up a new EXCA club in your area, designing a Novice course for Extreme Cowboy Racing requires some strategy! If the club is new and the riders are trying things out for the first time, try not to discourage your new riders by putting up obstacles that intimidate or scare them. It is also important not to make things too hard or scary for the horse. Once a real trust is formed between horse and rider, the more challenging obstacles can be attempted. We try to set people up for success. Never ask more than your horse is ready to give. Horses are suspicious of man-made obstacles for good reason. Always be cautious when setting up jumps and rope drags. Learn to recognize when your horse is about to do something positive.

The most rewarding thing for me as a rider is the trust my partner shows me while doing something they have never done before in a strange place they have never been before.


- - - Bill Cameron



Aloha Region Race a Success

Congratulations to the March 24th competitors


Emma Thomas & Ginger
Emma & Ginger



1st Emma Thomas & Ginger

2nd Gianna Sbarbaro & Raider Magic

3rd Kayla Smith & Jane






Paris Starn
Paris Starn



1st Paris Starn & Le Beau
2nd Philip McGinnes & Rose Bud
3rd Haven Mizutani & Diamonds in Zion
4th Doug Sim & Maka
5th Noelani Piccolo & Electric Blaze
6th Kalley Adams & Spirit
7th Monta Koch & Ymea Son
8th Sara Bow & Speedy




1st Karen Sabarbaro & Raider Magic

2nd Kristen Yates & Codys Last Smoke

3rd Libbie Jordan & Rambo

4th Kalley Adams & Teddy Bear

5th haven Mizutani & Scarecrow

6th Brynn Blomfield Thurston & Cash

7th Laura Pike & Ku'u'maka


Noelani Piccolo
Noelani Piccolo


1st Jaime Ciletti & Mele

2nd Kayla Ginella & Skip n Spirit

3rd Lindsay Grimshaw & Rip

4th Paris Starn & Le Beau

5th Meilan Sim & Maka

6th Noelani Piccolo & Dulce



1st Jaime Ciletti

2nd Greg Smith

3rd Lindsay Grimshaw

4th Kalley Adams

5th Kylie Navarro

Kayla Smith - Youth Division



1st Greg Smith & Jane

2nd Greg Smith & Libby

3rd Bettie Cox & Mango



Paniolo Trading Co

Nutrena Feed

Feed & Farm

Hawaii Homes

International Oahu Vet Clinic

Kua Aina



2012 EXCA National Championship



AmeriEquine Festival of the Horse

June 1-3, 2012

Here is your chance to perform in front of a huge crowd and walk away with an EXCA National Title. Prizes & Money guaranteed.

EXCA National Championship to be filmed for use on RFD TV.


In your down time you can see legendary reiners - Tim McQuay, Tom & Mandy McCutchen, the woman behind Cavalia & her horses - Silvia Zerbini, champion of Dressage - Mari Mondo Zduic, and World Champion Endurance rider - Becky Hart. Don't forget to drop on by and see Emmy Lou Harris and The Riders in the Sky perform live.

For details on the first AmeriEquine Festival of the Horse visit:
Don't Forget to See Craig Cameron American Horsemanship Demonstrations at the Nationals!


EXCA Nationals Location:

Will Rogers Memorial Center Watt Arena

3401 West Lancaster Avenue

Fort Worth, Texas

  • Filmed for RFD-TV
  • Payback in cash and/or prizes based on number of entries
  • Go Round Buckles to be given out.
  • National Championship entries close soon. Limited to 75 riders
  • Qualifying: None
  • Clean Slate Finals Run
  • Entry includes 2 Expo passes. RV Hook-ups available.
  • Stalls available Thurs PM thru Mon AM.
  • Single World Qualifying Points Earned