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We are excited about 2012 and the many fun filled and exciting Extreme Cowboy Racing events that are on the schedule. The formation of EXCA has been an thrilling and challenging adventure! Many people have worked tirelessly to create an association that you will be proud to tell your friends about.


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Photo By: Marilyn Merrick

Riding Tips From Craig Cameron


Craig Cameron on Horsemanship - Part 1


The fundamentals of all good horsemanship are the same. It doesn't matter what seat or discipline or style of equitation you ride. You can take dressage principles and apply them to your western horse. A good horseman is a good horseman in any saddle, just as a good horse is a good horse, no matter the breed.


Great horsemen consistently ride good horses because their horses are a reflection of them. It's been said that the horse seeks the level of the rider. I think there's a lot of truth to that. One rider can get on a horse and get nothing out of the animal, while another rider can accomplish a lot because he presents things to the horse in a way the horse can understand. Any time you see a good horseman, try to learn from him, no matter the discipline, whether it's reining, western pleasure, dressage or jumping.


Definition of Horsemanship

Horsemanship can be simply stated:

Horse + man (or woman) = relationship.

In every phase of horsemanship - on the ground or in the saddle - you have a relationship with your horse. Whether it's any good or not depends on you, not your horse. It's up to you to build a solid, working partnership. Your horse isn't going to do it for you.


I've always said that the horse is perfect for what he is and that's a horse. He doesn't have to do or change anything. In perfecting our relationship with him, we, as humans, must understand the animal's nature and mechanics and present ourselves to the horse in a way he can comprehend. Realize that horsemanship is all about working on yourself, not so much working on the horse. The horse is a rhythmical, balanced, patient, trusting and consistent animal. It's you who needs to develop feel, timing, rhythm, balance, patience, consistency and understanding.

The following theories and philosophies behind horsemanship are something to think about and let soak in over time. As you advance in your horsemanship knowledge and skills, their full and true meaning will become more meaningful to you.



One of the first and most important things you must cultivate is feel. It's also one of the most difficult because it's a hard concept to describe and no one can give it to you. A good book to read about feel is a book titled True Horsemanship Through Feel, by Bill Dorrance and Leslie Desmond, published by Diamond Lu Productions.

Feel is more than just a physical touch; it's also an emotional response and a mental approach to whatever situation you find yourself in with your horse.

Learning to do anything - dancing, playing a guitar, swinging a golf club - takes time and no one can really make you understand it or do it. They can teach you the fundamentals, but you'll have to create your own style and feel.


It's the same in horsemanship. You'll have to develop your own lightness and understanding of the horse, or feel. For example, when your horse is giving to the bit in response to one of your requests, the most important thing you can do is give back or release the pressure you placed on the horse. The release is the only thing in it for the horse. What you're trying to say to the horse is: "When you give, I'll give." That's a feel. "When you're soft, I'm soft." That's a feel.
"When you yield, I yield." That's a feel. It's something you're going to have to work on over a period of time. Be patient with yourself. Be patient with your horse. It's about give and take and truly a game of feel.


You can recognize that you're developing feel by your horse's responses. It'll take time for you to learn when to use more pressure and when to use less. In the beginning it might take a lot, but in the end it should take less. The result is a feel that's more or a suggestion and finally just a thought. (to be continued)


Excerpt from: RIDE SMART by Craig Cameron with Kathy Swan. Pages 37-45 Published by Western Horseman.

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EXCA Texas Headquarters


Phone: (254) 728-3082

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November 2 - 4, 2012



Circle T Resort

4007 W. Hwy 36
Hamilton, Texas 76531



Attention: Mustang Owners
Earn a Dale Martin High Point

Bring On The Mustangs!

The top yearend point mustang will win a custom Dale Martin Saddle to be presented at the EXCA World Championship.



  • Buckles will be given out to the winners of each go round.
  • Final Run: starts with a clean slate (winner of Final Round takes the title)

Show Committees:

Committees: now forming

Sponsorship Committee:

Cece Lamborne Bulkley

Volunteer for EXCA World 2012 here


Spectator Passes:

Sponsors and competitors receive two extra passes.



  • Young Gun, Novice, & Non Pro on Friday
  • Ride Smart, Youth, & Pro on Saturday

Entry fees:

* Pro $200

* Non Pro $175

* Novice & Ride Smart $150

* Youth & Young Gun $100



  • Limited Entries
  • "Man" on "Man" heads up competition
  • 10 riders (two at a time)
  • $100 entry fee - 80% payback
  • Fastest time wins
  • No judges - No points
  • Open to all riders 18 & over
Futurity Division
Don't forget to get your entries in now.
Bill Cameron
Photo by Andrea Kaus


Someone gave calming paste to their horse at the Nationals and a attendee witnessed it. They wrote in complaining and here is Bill's response....


"In no way do we endorse anyone that feels the need to drug their horse to calm them down. Over the counter calming paste is legal to use anywhere. I personally don't think they work. I would be very surprised if it worked for the person you are talking about.


As a judge, if I see any lethargic looking, glassy eyed, wobbly legged horses in an event, I would definitely request an inquiry and call for disqualification.


Giving a horse narcotics before an extreme cowboy competition puts the horse and rider in great danger.

A horse must be able to think clearly and move quickly in a very balanced way.


You wouldn't want a basketball player out on the court drunk hoping he can make shots, turn, and run quickly.


In the future if this becomes a problem, we will implement new rules at our annual board meeting."


- - - Bill Cameron

EXCA CLUB HIGHLIGHT: Southern Obstacle Challenge Association

Congratulations to the 6/23/2012 Gaffney, SC Race Winners



Cullen Green & Tater:
Y & YG Winners

1: Cullen Green & Tater

2: Paige Caines & Ali

3: Bennett Green & Chloe

4: Miguel Maldonado & Carbonero

5: Bennett Green & Dash




1: Cullen Green & Tater

2: Elizabeth Roten & Bell

3: Eliza Green & Lightin'

4: Dakota Rose Hodges & Sonny's Busy Lady

Jose Molda
Tracey Pinson Tuff & NP
ndo & Carbonero N

5: Natalie Rogers & Tucker



1: Jose Maldonado & Carbonero

2: Michael Lindsey & Ace

3: Heather Rogers & Sampson

4: Joe Holloway & Annie

5: Dennis Tipton & Goodbar's Sonny (Zippy)





1: Tracey Pinson & Skyjacker's Mountain High (Tuff)

2: Tracey Pinson & Texan @ the Ritz

3: Eliza Green & Lightin'

4: Elizabeth Roten & Belle

5: Vaudry Edge & Thru





Dennis Robinson & Cole RS



1: Dennis Robinson & Cole

2: Rick Penniston & Jake

3: Vaudry Edge & Thru

4: Dennis Tipton & Goodbar's Sonny (Zippy)

5: Joe Holloway & Annie






Cody Brown & Red P

1: Cody Brown & Red

2: Laura Green & Chloe

3: John Roberts & Buffy

4: John Roberts & Silk





1: John Roberts & TT

2: John Roberts & Nickelback


Photo pick of the month...
Cullen Green & Tater So. Obstacle Challenge Association: Young Gun & Youth
Please submit your favorite photo to
Sweden EXCA Racers
Sweden EXCA Racers sponsored Bill Cameron's EXCA performance at Sweden's largest horse show "The High Chaparrel". It was a great success. Thousands of Swedes cheered him on as he raced thru a course introducing EXCA.
See Bill's appearance an hour into the Evening Show:

See Bill Cameron's Sweden EXCA Performance here

Attention: NAB Members

Please forward your ideas suggestions for discussion at the annual NAB meeting. email to :
Circle T Logo
EXCA World Championship
Circle T Resort, Hamilton Texas

We are all very excited about EXCA World 2012 being held at the Circle T Resort. We will be competing in a state of the art roping facility. Offering a 145 x 125 warm up pen. The indoor arena itself measures 145 x 300.
Keep your horse overnight during events in the 10 x 10 Priefert stalls. They have 230 stalls available; each measure 10 x 10. Stalls are $95 for the EXCA show, shavings required and not included. They also have wash racks at both A & B Barn.
Circle T Stalls

Bring your RV or leave it at home and stay at The Inn at Circle T. They have 48 RV spots available. RV spots are $20.00 per night. The hookups have water and electricity with 30 and 50 amps available.

Circle T Crossfire Steakhouse
Great dining at Circle T's Crossfire Steakhouse

Looking forward to seeing you all there! Evon Kurtz