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Photo By: Marilyn Merrick

True Story: Time Bomb


I witnessed a man who is supposed to be an experienced horseman starting a colt. He did some good things, but I think he got in a hurry. He bypassed some important steps and the horse's actions confirmed it. The horse seemed nervous and extremely protective. I think the trainer was paying more attention to the people watching than he was to the un started colt. The colt gave all the classic signals that he needed more work and more time. The horse looked tight and hard. He was statuesque and definitely on guard. Instead of working through understanding, this youngster was working through instinct.


To my unbelieving eyes, the "trainer" mounted this ticking time bomb. Before he got well-seated, the bomb exploded.

After a short effort, the cowboy was on the ground.


This is a typical mistake that could be easily avoided. By listening to and reading the horse and taking time to take the

proper steps, anyone starting a colt can have positive results


Excerpt from: RIDE SMART by Craig Cameron with Kathy Swan. Published by Western Horseman.

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World Championship
Course Design Strategies
2012 Hall of Famers Interviewed
EXCA Member Spotlight: Brittany Wiseheart
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Bill Cameron
Photo by Andrea Kaus

Ask the Judge:

Question: What determines a great EXCA Course. Part 2 of 3

Strategies to consider when designing your EXCA course:

  • Total entries.
  • How many go's.
  • How many divisions.
  • Obstacle changes.
  • You can add or subtract time by doubling back and adding some speed and excitement, rather than just cutting across to the next obstacle.

It can be a challenge just to run 25 riders for 2 go rounds; it could take most of the day. 50 go rounds or rides in one day can be exhausting! Sometimes just moving an obstacle from one location to another will make it look different to a horse. You can switch the obstacles around for variety.


Next month Part 3. What makes a great EXCA Course


- - - Bill Cameron

2012 EXCA Hall of Fame Inductees
Photos contributed. Interviewed by Evon Kurtz

1. What is your most memorable/most embarrassing / or most emotional moment at EXCA World shows?
2. Who or What inspired you to become part of EXCA?
3. When and Why did you join?

4. What would you like to say to our young EXCA riders?


Lee Hart

I joined the Exca in in 2005 I believe. My most memorable moment of World this year was when I completed my second run in the open on Shelby instantly realizing I had put together the best run of my life. Most emotional for me was to be inducted into the Hall of Fame and to have all of my friends and family there was very special. I draw inspiration from several things one I had to finally find that person in my life that believed in me even more than I did and I was blessed three years ago at World to meet her. Pris inspires me every day because her belief in me keeps me driven. Secondly Craig is a friend and I support and believe in this sport he has given us. He also has continued to inspire me to become a better horseman. To all of my EXCA kids I would say set your goals high work every day toward them and when you are blessed enough to achieve quickly set new ones because if you are not moving forward you are going backwards.


My most memorable moments at the EXCA World shows has been watching the riders from our Hawaii team compete. I feel so proud of them...they all show such good sportsmanship and give it their best. They have to work against the odds with their borrowed horses. My most emotional moment for myself is being inducted into the EXCA Hall of Fame. It is such an honor and still can't believe it.

I watched my first EXCA race at the 2009 Equine Affaire in Pomona, CA. My very first reaction was turning to my friend, Monta, and saying "This was made for my horse". I returned to Hawaii after the EA and several months later held our premier race. It was a big hit with lots of competitors and spectators. And my horse...Spirit loves the race and has won two Pro Regional Championships with Tiare Watts. My advice to our young EXCA riders...Have fun!!



Tracy Pinson:

Most memorable moment - Receiving the Hall of Fame buckle.....still hard to believe! Most emotional - Skyjacker's Mountain High (Tuff) and I winning both preliminary rounds and the 2012 World Finals and then our second Non-Pro World Championship. I have to look at the buckles every so often to make sure it really happened!! Most embarassing - My roping skills!!!! Inspiration: Initially, Wayne Conkle was watching the Extreme Cowboy Race on Craig's show a few years ago and called me into the room to watch. I went to the computer and found the closest race, which was in North Carolina at the time, and off we went! That was one of the best decisions we've ever made. What keeps me in the EXCA, besides having blast on the courses, are the people. We have made so many great friends in this sport. I can't think of many sports where competitors help each other like they do in the EXCA. I joined EXCA in 2009 - After that first event in North Carolina, I was hooked! It is usually tough to compete in "all breed" events with our Tennessee Walkers, but the EXCA truly looks past the breed and looks at the horse. It was a refreshing it is a ton of fun! Always treat your horse right, continually strive for improvement (we can always learn something new), and practice, practice, practice!


EXCA Spotlight: Brittany Wiseheart
Written by Laura Easom, Edited by Evon Kurtz
Brittany Wiseheart - Horsewoman

Brittany Wiseheart has been competing in the Extreme Cowboy Association for the last 3 years. She is 16 years old and from Calhan, Colorado. Brittany started riding horses when she was 8 years old and got her first horse at 9 years old. She is primarily self taught. She watches, reads and listens closely to absolutely anything and everything horse related. She has had the opportunities to attend one Craig Cameron clinic and been a helper at a second one this past summer in

Kiowa, CO. Brittany is mature beyond her years, is very gracious, humble, and kind. She has gained the attention of several great horsemen and trainers ... Craig Cameron, Aaron Ralston and David Dillman being some of them because of her extraordinary dedication, passion and sincere love of horses. Many people will ask Brittany to ride their horse because they are scared or do not know how to get their horse to do something. She loves helping others get a better understanding for their horse. It is always a partnership between Brittany and the horse she is on. She is exceptionally talented in helping them to become Brave Horses and you can see they are happy to do so for her. She has never sent any of her horses to a professional trainer but hopes to do so this summer with her up and coming little filly project named Cisco. Cisco will be the first horse Brittany has started. They are off to a great beginning and we are looking forward to watching their progress. She runs speed events part of the summer at local Gymkhana's, does cow sorting, reining, parades and trail riding. Although just simply getting on her horses and working with them is her favorite thing to do...even if it is 10- 30 degrees out. Brittany will ride anything that will let her on - including her pet llama but to her frustration he just sits down so that doesn't work very well.


EXCA Competitor

Her first year going to the World Championship she qualified after only one race at Kit Carson Riding Club. In 2010 she happened to hear about the Mid Mountain Regional Championship Extreme Cowboy Race in Colorado Springs, CO. and thought she would give it a try with her horse Chief. She had only had Chief about 8 months and had never shot off of him before but decided he might be up to it and it sounded like fun. After that first race she was hooked and attended the 2010 World Championship in Topeka, KS as her second race! She barely missed making the top ten her first time qualifying by placing 13th.

Brittany was sponsor

ed by over 20 people to pursue her passion with the EXCA. These people have seen the talent, potentional and the respect she shows for everyone and all the equines she encounters. All these supporters are having an absolutely great time watching her succeed. 2012 was her third year qualifying for the World Championship in the Youth Division.


Her goal prior to arriving in Hamilton, TX in 2012 for the Extreme Cowboy World Championship was to make the final round with both horses. She met her goal and finished 4th place on Duke Overall and 7th place on Sweetie Overall. She could not be prouder of both horses and looks forward to the opportunity to come back next year and do her best again. Her EXCA World Qualifying horses are: Chief, Sweetie , & Duke


Her Star Horses: Sweetie & Duke

Click on photo to see Brittany & Sweetie's run.

Sweetie is 7 years old and was purchased at an auction when she was 4 years old. She was the last horse to go thru the sale. Sweetie had a bucking problem, was spooky and just too full of go so her Dad ins

isted that she be sold. Brittany loved her and saw her potential. She was insistent that she was a good horse and that she could teach Sweetie. Fortunately her Dad relented and he could not be prouder of what Brittany has accomplished with her. Sweeties first ever Extreme Cowboy Race was at Nationals in Fort Worth, TX in 2012. She did amazing, finishing 1st in one round and a 2nd overall. She proved to be the best auction horse we could ever ask for.

Duke is a friend's horse and is around 23 years old. He has been an EXCA horse since 2009. He has never had so much as an hour of professional training but he is willing to try anything. He is very energetic and because of this his previous owner had seriously considered shooting him. Fortunately he sold him instead. Brittany has been in a lot of arenas with Duke and has spent a lot of time with him and his regular rider. Brittany likes that he is challenging to ride and wanted to see how he would do with her in some races in the 2012 season. Because of her horsemanship abilities, obvious care and respect for her horses she was given the chance to do so. She had ridden him only about a dozen times before getting on him bareback at the World Championship in Hamilton, TX. Duke likes to do well for his rider and put on a show... Brittany was just the girl to help him do so.


Regardless of which horse Brittany is riding, keep an eye out for her. She is a pleasure to watch ride and if you ever have the opportunity to find out the story behind the horse she is riding at the time, you will understand how they both make each other shine. Brittany believes in the importance of horsemanship and encourages everyone young or old to get involved with the Extreme Cowboy Association.