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Photo By: Marilyn Merrick

True Story: Hammer Time


At one of the annual Michael Martin Murphy WestFests in Copper Mountain, Colorado, I was brought a 10 year old Mustang stallion to work for the demonstration. This horse was notorious for charging and kicking with both back feet.


Working for a large crowd and knowing I was challenged, I decided the best way to handle this outlaw was to work from another horse. My best horse at the time was a big, stout Quarter Horse gelding named Hammer. This horse was not Hammer's first tough horse.


Although Hammer was big, he was athletic. Through training, Hammer was apt at working off and turning on his hindquarters. When we approached, the unruly stallion charged, as expected. Hammer was too fast for him and made an incredible turn on the hindquarters to avoid the attacker. Whether the mustang kicked, pawed, charged or bit, Hammer was able to evade him with lightening quick hindquarter pivots and turns.


These maneuvers enabled me to eventually get close enough to finally handle the horse. In time, I was able to complete the breaking and gentling process and ride the renegade.


Without Hammer's quick hindquarter movements, success would not have been possible. If he had tried to turn on the forehand, we would have had been to slow to steer clear of the danger.


All great performance horses work off their hindquarters. The spin, stop, rollback and most all advanced maneuvers generate from the hindquarters.


Excerpt from: RIDE SMART by Craig Cameron with Kathy Swan. Published by Western Horseman.

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Course Design Strategies
Member Spotlight: Joy Townsend
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Ask the Judge:

Question: What determines a great EXCA Course. Part 3 of 3


When I design a Novice course for EXCA I keep one very important concept in mind. I never set up things to purposely scare or intimidate the horse and rider. I find putting up technically challenging obstacles are more important for building confidence in a horse and rider team. We want to build their confidence for future rides so that when they do encounter something scary they have a history of accomplishments together.


Some of our top Youth and Non Pro riders can probably do well in the Pro Division. I consider this when I design their courses. Keeping safety in mind for the horse and rider; asking for more physical challenges such as jumping, roping, reining maneuvers, and working cattle.


Be careful when laying out a Young Guns course not to make anything too heavy or awkward for a small child. Also keeping in mind that if you scare their horse, often times there is not too much they can do about it. Sometimes a parent in the arena with them is a good idea. As a judge, I will stay close if I think there is any question of safety.


Ride Smart seems to have some of our top riders and they seem to overcome any limitations! It doesn't seem to matter how tough the course is; they rise to the occasion.


Every year the competition seems to be getting tougher so it is always a challenge to come up with new obstacles and ideas.


- - - Bill Cameron

Member Spotlight: Joy Townsend
2012 World Hi Point Mustang Winner
Interviewed by Evon Kurtz

    What was your most memorable / emotional moment at EXCA World?

I actually had quite a lot of memorable moments at the EXCA World, the one that stands out the most to me is and Early morning ride while getting ready for the day. One of the contestants at the show had a handicap condition, I might add she had a phenomenal horse that both she and her mother competed on, to describe her ability, you would never know she was handicapped until she went to get off her horse into a scooter, it was then you realized her condition. On that early morning I was riding Molly around the pen, This lady came riding next to me introduced herself and proceeded to ask me about my horse, she had been looking for a smaller horse that she could get on and off easier, her current horse was quite tall...She had been watching my horse the past few days and thought she was so safe quiet and good tempered. This to me was the best compliment anyone could have ever given. I proceeded to tell her she was 6 year old mustang and that 16 months before she was wild, that they had run her in a chute, and loaded her in my trailer. This lady also then told me about her story of getting sick and being determined to ride again and how she came to compete in EXCA, I was so fortunate in my travels to meet this person and I will never forget her....she taught me a lot about horses, determination, and heart.

Who or What inspired you to join and compete in EXCA?

My daughter was reading an article about the extreme cowboy race; my husband had been watching Craig Cameron's show on TV. And we were moving cattle one day he reached down to close the electric fence gate and he said to me "you know they have a TV. show with this kind of stuff." When I saw the saddle offered for the high point mustang rider team. I thought Molly would be great for that.


Why did you choose the Mustang breed to compete in EXCA with?

I wanted to take the mustang I had adopted to another level of training. I wanted to show the heart of this little horse.


What do you like most about the Mustang breed for the EXCA sport?



I would have to say try and heart. This horse will try all day long for me and has the biggest heart.... (They are very sure footed and used to going over through obstacles).

What advice would you like to give to those Mustang owners who would like to compete or are competing in EXCA?



EXCA is a great event for your horse, this event is so much fun, the people you will meet at EXCA are so hospitable, and from so many diverse backgrounds you will love it...Most of all I have learned from the Mustangs, you can't begin to imagine what you can do with a horse if you just ask with confidence and treat them right.


Anything else you would like to add?

I have always had quarter horses and I still have quarter horses. The EXCA and The Mustang Heritage Foundation in my opinion are made up of great people, I am so glad that I went to their events and I never would have thought you could do the things I've done on the Mustangs, these events have taught me so much..


I also would add while we were preparing for the Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover and for the EXCA shows we had a job managing a ranch in California. When this mare was at 60 days we were riding in some of the steepest country on 22,000 acres literally when we went out to move cattle , we would see time I do remember after we showed her in Ft Worth, we went out to get a bull in and a group {about 50 head of elk was to my left we had to get ahead of the group so they didn't take the bull we were after into the brush) I remember looking to my left kicking Molly up so as to get ahead of the group of elk, so they would go different direction, of course my husband on horse with me, and cow dogs mixed in, for a split second I remember thinking these horses are unreal what you can do with them and this is literally less than a year since she was wild......Then(hauling for the saddle award) to take and haul her over 10,000 miles over 6 weeks clear to California, South Carolina all from Washington State. I can just say...they have so much heart........


Thank you to Dale Martin Saddles, Bill Cameron and Evon Kurtz , Ride N Easy ranch Gary Lubben California, to SOCA and Green River Farms all the people there were so great, makes me want to move to South Carolina, To Craig and Dalene Cameron, to Frank Turban. Thank you to all the people I met at the shows I really think EXCA is great..