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Welcome to the Extreme Cowboy Association

We are excited about 2013 and the many fun filled and exciting Extreme Cowboy Racing events that are on the schedule. The formation of EXCA has been an thrilling and challenging adventure! Many people have worked tirelessly to create an association that you will be proud to tell your friends about.


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Craig mm photo
Photo By: Marilyn Merrick

Basic Flexibility Exercises


Flexibility in horses is fundamental in every discipline of horsemanship. It is through flexibility that you have control over your horse. It allows you to position his body, whether it's to a jump, a barrel, a cow, a gate or even a mailbox.


Flexibility begins with lateral flexion or the ability to bend the horse's body with one rein. A lot of horsemanship entails using one rein at a time. The last thing you want to do, especially with a young horse in the beginning, is pull with both reins. If you pull on the horse's mouth or head, his natural instinct is to pull back, whether you're on the ground or on his back.


By using one rein at a time, it's harder for your horse to brace or lean against you. Just hold your pressure until he finds the release point in giving. Then he learns to give instead of pull back. That's what your aids - hands, legs, bit, halter and lead rope, rein and spurs - are all about. Your horse learns to yield to the pressure you place upon him with theses aids.


Lateral Flexion


Lateral flexion is one of the first things to achieve with your horse because it's the basis for control. By bending your horse right and left with a single rein, you control where his body goes. Here's how to accomplish that.


First, outfit your horse with a side-pull or snaffle bit because they work off a direct pull on either the sides of the horse's face or the corners of his mouth. That makes it easy for the horse to follow the pressure; thus, they're beat for communicating lateral flexion. Shanked bits, on the other hand, apply too much pressure on a green horse who's trying to learn.


Pick up one rein, and hold it steady; don't pull on it. Learn the difference between holding and pulling. In holding the rein, you wait on the horse to respond. In pulling backward on the rein, you try to force the horse to respond with a tug-of-war technique.


One of the most important things in horsemanship is to never allow a horse to pull on your hands. If you let the reins slide through your hands, or your arm moves forward as the horse pulls, you've taught your horse to pull against pressure. Before you know it, to find release, he roots his nose in the air or pulls on your hands at your slightest rein cue. As you pick up and hold the rein, wait on the horse to give his face. The second he does, release the pressure.


The amount of bend your horse gives isn't as important as the try he makes in giving it. Some horses resist more, but others give their heads easily. With a resistant horse, you might have to ask for more bend by bumping or shaking the bit until you can find a good spot to hold. Adjust to fit your particular situation and circumstance. (to be continued).


Excerpt from: RIDE SMART by Craig Cameron with Kathy Swan. Published by Western Horseman.

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World Championship
Club Spotlight: Oklahoma EXCA
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World 2012 Circle T alamo
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"2012 EXCA World Finals Highlights"
A must see for EXCA Enthusiasts


Now forming the EXCA 2013 World Championship Show Committee and Volunteer List Sign Up Here

We are approximately 10 months away from EXCA 2013 World Finals.
Get your horses tuned, earn your WQ points, and get your flags ready! We are getting ready Circle T Resort!

ATTENTION CLUB PRODUCERS AND DIRECTORS: WE ARE LOOKING FOR 2013 WORLD SPONSORS. Please let us know if your club can contribute in any way.



The EXCA Brave Horse is looking for good human interest stories, favorite action photos, and touching tales of your EXCA horse's courage.
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Rule Book Changes: Futurity & Green Horses
Requirements / Qualifications
  • 12 and Over Riders, Futurity Division (3 and 4 year olds only).
  • The Futurity Division is a sanctioned competition at the EXCA World Championship only.
  • .A futurity horse must be nominated by August 1 to be accepted for the EXCA World Championship competition.
  • Any late nominations will require a $100 late fee at time of nomination.
  • Any horse that is nominated may compete in the sanctioned EXCA Green Horse Division (can only compete in the Green Horse class to remain eligible for 2013 EXCA Futurity at the World Championship.) Futurity nominated horses may not have shown in any EXCA (or similar organization's) competition.
  • Horses of any breed are accepted. Horses do not have to be registered.
Futurity Horse

All horses must be turning either 3 or 4 years old after January 1 of the competition year.


Green Horse

All green horses must be turning either 5 or 6 years old after January 1 of the competition year.
Bill Cameron
Photo by Andrea Kaus

Ask the Judge:


Question 1:

When showing in an arena, what is the correct lead between 2 obstacles that are in a straight line if you start on the left lead to approach the first obstacle and then the next 2 obstacles are in a straight line before reaching the end of the arena and turning to the left?



This is a very good question. My strategy: if I was coming around on the left lead towards two obstacles and after those two obstacles I was going to have to turn to the left, I would definitely keep my horse on the left lead. If there are two obstacles that are jumps there is a chance your horse could be on the right lead after the second jump and at this point you would change leads to the left and not be marked down.


Question 2:

I would like to know if an organizer of a sanctioned extreme cowboy race has the right to refuse the participation of a competitor because he does not like this person?



In my opinion an individual does not have the right to refuse membership to someone based on the fact that they do not like them. However, when an individual is going around slandering or bad mouthing people in the Association or the Association itself, the organization has the right to remove them and take away their membership. This seems to be a topic everywhere I go and in all countries, so we have to be careful who we try to exclude from a club. Everyone has a right to their own opinion and many of the people in the Extreme Cowboy Association don't agree with each other but they respect each others opinions.


- - - Bill Cameron
Club Spotlight:
Tranquility Valley Ranch, OK EXCA
James Rathburn, Founder
Interviewed by Evon Kurtz
  1. When did you join EXCA and who inspired you?

Mr. Craig Cameron inspired me to join EXCA. I have been a member since 2010.


  1. Who helped you to make EXCA become a reality for you?
  2. Nick and Laura Rendon, owners of Harmony Farms in Kentucky, were the first to come on board with Bluegrass EXCA formed July 2012. Carolyn Saulters owner of Tranquility Valley Ranch in Oklahoma was the second club, Oklahoma EXCA formed January 2013. Craig Cameron, Carolyn Saulter, Lisa Floyd, Leigh Ann Matthews ( Heartland Horse Trade and photos), Kim with Potuea Daily News, Alan Maxwell (Photos), all the staff, volunteer, visitors, and our EXCA competitors have contributed greatly.
    James Rathburn Up close and Personal
    Where do you pull competitors from?
  3. We pull competitors from all over, each state is surrounded by different states...Oklahoma EXCA pulls from TX, AR, CO, LA, MO, NE, and CA.
    What are your club plans for 2013?
  4. The Oklahoma EXCA plans to have one event every month over the next several months...our members plan on going to the Nationals in May and the EXCA World Championship in November
  5. What would you like to say to the Youth and Young Gun competitors?
  6. Young Guns or Youth riders that want to earn points...Come A Ridin'!.
    Personally I like the YG, and Y divisions, because EXCA supports kids learning, work ethics, outdoors, and self name a few.
    If I could say something to YG or Youth would be this:
    Horses are a Passion, an Obsession, and a Lifestyle...Not a Hobby.
    I listened to family, mentors, and friends, when they said "If you truly love the horse, then reach for the STARS". I am living and riding my dreams...
Photo of the Month
Taken by EXCA Member: Dena Still
Taken at the South Pacific Region's NaturalBornRacers EXCA Race
NBR EXCA Race Free Ride Tom Ryan / Genuine 007
Genuine 007 with Tom Ryan aboard during their free ride.
Put on Your Creative Hats!
Calgary is looking for new obstacle ideas.
Now is your opportunity to play a part in this spectacular event. We are looking for interesting and challenging obstacles that will complement our overall course design. (click above photo for details).

PRIZES: Up to three submissions (maximum of one per day of competition) will be selected. If selected, you will receive the following recognition and gifts: signage, including your name, posted beside the obstacle on course; recognition by the announcers and on the Jumbotron during the event; an official copy of the DVD for that day; an 8"x10" photo of your obstacle - autographed by the winning
rider that day, as well as Craig Cameron; and official Stampede prizes.

In addition, if you are in attendance that day, you will also be offered admsion for two to Stampeded Park; lunch for two with Craig Cameron; an opportunity to tour the course before the race and have your picture taken in front of your obstacle.