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We are excited about 2013 and the many fun filled and exciting Extreme Cowboy Racing events that are on the schedule.  The formation of EXCA has been an thrilling and challenging adventure! Many people have worked tirelessly to create an association that you will be proud to tell your friends about.


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One-Rein Stopping


Don't always us both reins to stop.  There are variations of the one-rein stop you can practice to help sharpen your horse.  Stopping with one rein keeps your horse softer and more supple because if you constantly pull with both reins, your horse might eventually learn to stiffen and brace against you.  If you snatch or jerk, he'll tense his lower jaw or poll, which makes him stiff all over. 


Ask for a right-rein stop with a light hold but support or brace just enough with the left rein to keep your horse straight.  Next, stop with the left rein and support enough with the right rein to enforce straightness.


Try putting your hands at an angle.  For example, for stopping with the right rein hold your right hand down low and your left hand up a little higher. Stop with the right support with the left.  This is a very effective way to stop and gives your horse a different feel.


Then reverse the procedure.  Drop your left hand down low support slightly with the right.  Next, use both reins to stop your horse.  By using a combination of ways to stop you, teach him to give to pressure from either rein in any form.  It'll keep your horse light and paying attention to you. Bear in mind the goal is to achieve a soft or loose-rein stop.


So, in the stop the most important things are to sit, melt down say "whoa" and use your hands in a variety of ways.


Take hold of your horse only as much as he needs.  In other words, take only as much slack out of the reins as required to stop your horse.  Never jerk from a loose rein.  If you have to take a good hold of your horse, take the slack out of the reins first then use those reins as much or little as your horse tells you is necessary.  As always, learn to listen to your horse.  If your horse wants to pull against you, then hold as much as he pulls.  If he's soft, then you be soft.  The quicker you release, the lighter your horse will get.


Remember though that a good stop comes from straightness.  A horse really can't stop well if he's crooked or sideways.  The way you get him straight is through the simple flexibility exercises in Chapter 15.


Quality stops aren't about jerking snatching or rushing the horse.  It's the preparation from the rider that allows the horse to follow a feel.  Good stops are about teaching and not making the horse stop.  Build in the "want-to." 


Excerpt from:  RIDE SMART by Craig Cameron with Kathy Swan.  Page 187-188  Published by Western Horseman.  

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Aloha Region Race #2

















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Bill Cameron

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Ask the Judge:


Question:  Can I use a barrel racing whip during an EXCA competition?




Regarding using a whip or anything to strike a horse behind the cinch is totally inappropriate. It means you need to teach your horse to move forward off your legs better! No other association would tolerate this except gymkhana events and we are not that kind of event. We don't force our horses thru things! When using spurs one, must not be kicking the horse or you will be penalized. A light tapping motion is acceptable so you keep your horse thinking not forcing him with heavy  kicking. I'd rather see someone get off and lead their horse than display that kind of riding. This event was designed to show the ultimate in great horsemanship and versatility and how "brave" your horse is and not shoving him thru something! This is a chance to show how great your partner is and how little you need to call on him. If your horse is reluctant then perhaps you might need to go back to the basics and that doesn't mean schooling on obstacles but moving off your legs better!!


    - - -     Bill Cameron


EXCA Nationals Results 


Dana Fleming & Destiny

Young Guns

  1.  Dana Fleming on Destiny

  2.  Bennett Green on Chloe

  3.  Rhiannon Cain on Teddy

  4.  Bennett Breen on Dash 

















Michael Lindsey & Ace


  1.  Michael Lindsey on Ace

  2.  Rebecca Adams on Generators Tall Paul

  3.  Lisa Steinbach on Texan At The Ritz

  4.  Carol Weis on Gray Hollywood Smoke

  5.  Kimberly Brown on NCIS In Dixie

  6.  Joe Holloway on Solano's Moonlite Run

















Phala Wriston & Winn Blue Pardner

Green Horse

  1.  Phala Wriston on Winn Blue Pardner

  2.  Tracy Pinson on One Tuff Cowgirl 
















Tracy Pinson & Texan At The Ritz

Non Pro

  1.  Tracy Pinson on Texan At The Ritz

  2.  Ricky Carey on Brandy

  3.  Kelsie Graham on Flower

4.  Steve Barrett on Mr. Geniune Doc

  5.  Jim Ochs on Buster

  6.  Michael Lindsey on Ace





















Eliza Green on Lightnin'


  1.  Eliza Green on Lightnin'

  2.  Dana Fleming on Destiny

  3.  Cullen Green on Tater

  4.  Shelby Ratliff on Generators Tall Paul

  5.  Natalie Rogers on Tucker

  6.  Mallary Brandt on Rachel


Steve Barrett & Mr. Geniune Doc

Ride Smart

  1.  Steve Barrett on Mr. Geniune Doc

  2.  Jim Ochs on Buster

  3.  James Best on Honey Miss America

  4.  James Best on Little Black Skids

  5.  Vaudry Edge on Thru

  6.  Joe Holloway on Solano's Moonlite Run  


Kelsie Graham & Flower


  1.  Kelsie Graham on Flower

  2.  Jennie Wentworth on Luke

  3.  Ricky Carey on Brandy

  4.  Laura Green on Chloe

  5.  Leanne Hale on Slick

  6.  Nip Dodd on Buck's Uno



International News. 

EXCA Clinic - Quebec, Canada  

Written by Shannon Townsend


The Outaouais region in Quebec, Canada saw its first ever EXCA 2-day clinic held at Hendricktown Farm in Gatineau, Québec. Hosts Shannon Townsend and Randy Hendrick welcomed 18 riders to come an learn about Xtreme Cowboy Racing from clinician Lantz McLaren. Lantz, President of the newly formed Ontario Xtreme Cowboy Association, and a seasoned cowboy racing competitor, came from Norwood, Ontario to share his knowledge and passion for the event. People and horses attended from both the provinces of Ontario and Québec to both watch and ride. We had a great mix of horses including traditional quarter horses, a nine hand Shetland pony, beautiful big black Georgian Grand mare and a trakehner cross mare with her dressage rider.

  Horses and riders were exposed to some new obstacles for the first time and got to learn about obstacle and course strategy, how they can enhance their horsemanship and various training techniques. On day two, riders participated in a course walk-through and got to learn about how fast and attentive they need to be in order to remember the course! Some took out pen and paper...some went by memory...others strategized with friends on how to approach the course and obstacles. There were a lot of laughs about when to ask questions in the walk-through (and when not to in order to maintain a competitive advantage!) Riders then drew for numbers and rode.  There was a ton of encouragement from all as each took their turn on the course. To celebrate everyone's success, ribbons and prizes were given out to all competitors. And of course, the week-end was filled with some socializing as lunch was provided on both days.


Since then, a number of riders have already headed out to other clinics and competitions, bringing home prizes and smiles. There are requests for competitions and local clinic organizers are hoping to connect to get more events off the ground.


For more information on Xtreme Cowboy Racing in the Ottawa-Gatineau area, contact Shannon Townsend, a certified western coach and trainer, at or (819) 682-5925. She can also be reached on Facebook at La Ferme Hendricktown Farm.  

Photos contributed by Sabrina Cousineau.