JULY 2013

Welcome to the Extreme Cowboy Association   

We are excited about 2013 and the many fun filled and exciting Extreme Cowboy Racing events that are on the schedule.  The formation of EXCA has been an thrilling and challenging adventure! Many people have worked tirelessly to create an association that you will be proud to tell your friends about.


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Craig mm photo
Photo By:  Marilyn Merrick

Craig Cameron:  Sore Backs 


Your horse's back should have an even sweat pattern over it when you lift the saddle and saddle pad after a ride.  That means there was even pressure or tension throughout the saddle's bearing surface.  Look for dry spots, which have been created by undue pressure from the saddle.  That means the saddle is pressing too much on that spot.  In time, the horse will end up with a saddle sore and you'll have a sore-backed horse.


One good way to check whether your horse's back is sore is to run your fingers down both sides of your horse's spine when you remove the saddle after a ride.  Use a slight amount of pressure in your fingers when you do so.  If your horse flinches, he might be sore. 


It's amazing how much lameness can be attributed to back soreness.  A horse tends to protect himself in the back area by using 

his legs differently, such as taking shorter strides or compensating in some way for back pain.  That, in turn, causes him to become sore in his legs and feet.


Another cause of back soreness is the rider not sitting the horse correctly.  For example, the rider leans one way or the other or 

too far forward or back, instead of sitting squarely in the middle of the horse. 


        Excerpt from:  RIDE SMART by Craig Cameron with Kathy Swan.  Page 54  Published by Western Horseman.  

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Hope to see you at the EXCA 2013 World Championship!!

Halloween Party October 31st!
Contact Cece Bulkley or Diana McMurtrey
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CONGRATULATIONS to Broken Heart Summer Race Winners!
CJ Rawls,  Dime Box, TX 

Young Guns:
Racie Afford - 1st

Katrina Griswold - 1 st 

Jessica Matthews - 1 st
Carol Warren - 2nd
Glenna Wright - 3rd

Non Pro: 
Richard Bryan - 1st
Elizabeth Hanzel - 2nd
Marla Van Dyke - 3rd

Ride Smart: 
Cindy Lafferty - 1st
Frances Jones - 2nd
Diana Wingfield - 3rd 

Cindy Williams: Mid Mtn Region
Congratulations Riders!

1st Brittany Wiseheart on Duke
2nd Brittany Wiseheart on Sweetie
3rd Josie Gilbert on Maverick
4th Josie Gilbert on Red
5th Kristen Brittany Wiseheart
6th Shiloh Enid

1st Mike Burdett
2nd Laura Easom
3rd Linda Moneymaker 
4th Carol Robinson
5th Lisa Reichert
6th Mickey Althouse

1st Brittany Wiseheart 
2nd Inez Throm on Drifter
3rd Inez Throm on Warpaint
4th Randy Strain
5th Heather McWilliams
6th Tad Tracy
1st Dan Yopp
2nd Rosie Mitchell 
3rd Jack Fisner

1st Larry Gariner 
2nd Inez Throm on Red
3rd Inez Throm on Maverick
4th Julie Slater
5th Inez Throm on Warpaint
Bill Cameron
Photo by Andrea Kaus

Ask the Judge:


Queston:   Are bitless bridles legal to use in an EXCA race?



There are many bitless bridles and nosebands on the market today that are being promoted as the best thing to use on a horse.  Many of them are quite good to use while trail riding or schooling your horse.  People like using them because often times their horses are quieter with a noseband or bitless bridle.  Currently we must stick to conventional bits, traditional hackamores, or simple rope halters, so that we can maintain a certain amount of conformity with other breed clubs and associations.  These breed clubs and associations do not allow bitless bridles or nosebands either. Many bitless bridles do apply more pressure than a simple hackamore or rope halter but are disguised in a different manner.   I can assure you that this will be a topic at our board of directors meeting because many people are using different forms of bitless bridles and nosebands for one reason or another.   Personally as an EXCA judge and a horseman of over 50 years, there's nothing more rewarding to me than to see a horse relax on the bit with loose reins galloping in frame.  I think hackamores and nosebands do have an important place in working with young horses.  I also think that horses are fully capable of working with nothing on their heads at all.


    - - -     Bill Cameron

International News. 
Calgary Stampede, Canada

1. Jim Anderson
& Picasmokenlit (Jim's Winning run)

2. Cameron Schryver
& Styx


EXCA Club Hungary
Written by Torok Gergley (Greg) - founder

Hungary was already hungry for an EXCA Race!

Well we got every one's stomach filled to the fullest.


The race itself was a success thanks to the American Association which was represented by Bill Cameron on site of the race. He was wonderful, he got everyone relaxed although we were running our guts off just before the race. Well some key factors of the race:


Date: June the 15th -16th
of 2013Location: Waldez Ranch

Visitors: Over 450

18 riders

4 winners


Originally we were supposed to have 25 riders, however because of the unexpected and massive flooding occurred in Hungary many couldn't participate. The others showed great riding skills and horsemanship, however there is a lot of room to develop everyone's talent. We won't stop, people say we can not stop, so we are already organizing another race in October and continuously promoting EXCA in Hungary. We have fellow Slovakian club members joining our races and surely we will join forces too in the near future. People already talking about a European Championship, from our side as the runners of the club, we will make everything possible to make it happen, and to help out anybody whomever might be organizing it. The Clash of the Titans in the near future is expected, with a smile on our face and a solid ground tie in our horses we are ready to accomplish whatever challenge might face us.


I personally can not be more thankful for the team of the EXCA - Hungary that made this happen, namely:


Kata Kocsis, László Vargha, and Roland Halápi.

They have shown devotion and hard work, and the best reassurement was the successful race days we have now behind us.


Good to be a part of Exca, its an honour for us, it's just simply great. Together we will evolve it to the highest extent.


Let the pictures do the rest of the talk.

Love you all,


Greg and the team from Hungary. 


Hungary First EXCA Race Results:

High Point Buckle Champion: Nadai-Nagy Kamilla

Pro champion: Vargha László

Non Pro Champion: Kocsis Kata

Youth Champion: Rónaszéki Regina

Novice Champion: Balogh Zsolt


Race Day Photos:

SOCA and Green River Clinics has some exciting news!  

Written by Tracy Pinson


Craig Cameron is coming to South Carolina for a clinic on August 30-31 and will announce an Extreme Cowboy Race on Sunday, September 1st. Make your plans now!!! 

Joel Mobley and Green River Farm will be hosting a two day clinic with master horseman, Craig Cameron - If you haven't attended one of Craig's clinics, you are really missing out. You will ride from sun up to sun down and learn more in two days than you can learn in a month anywhere else.....Plus, you will have a blast!!!

Additionally, SOCA is teaming up with Green River Farms to add another opportunity to get EXCA World Qualifying Points! After you spend two days improving your skills, Craig will be announcing the race on Sunday, September 1st. What more can you ask for - One of the best outdoor courses in the country, Craig Cameron to add to the fun and an opportunity to earn those much coveted points!! Come join us!

Details for the clinic can be found at:

and race info and forms: