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We are excited about 2013 and the many fun filled and exciting Extreme Cowboy Racing events that are on the schedule.  The formation of EXCA has been an thrilling and challenging adventure! Many people have worked tirelessly to create an association that you will be proud to tell your friends about.


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Craig Cameron

A Better Way - Running Away


Horses that run off usually have panicked and reverted to the strong self-preservation instinct. These horses usually have big engines and, on that particular day, they have a little too much energy.


Before you ride out the gate on a high-powered horse, take him to a round pen or corral and warm him up. Make him circle at liberty 20 to 25 times each direction, whatever it takes. Offer a resting spot near you when he relaxes and turns loose. You will know when that happens because the horse drops his head, works his ears and licks his lips.


If you find yourself in a runaway situation, don't try to stop your horse with two reins. Your horse could brace against them. Bend your horse with a one-rein stop. It might take all your strength, but bend him until you can turn him; and if you can turn him, you can stop him.


If you feel your horse is becoming unbalanced with your pull, ease up, and then bend again. The same thing goes for a horse that doesn't immediately respond to the one-rein stop. Have the presence of mind to release him, then pick up the rein and bend again. Keep it up. It's like reconnecting a circuit. Horses get into a panic mode, and you have to rewire them to get through to the brain.


A horse that regularly runs off probably wasn't really broke to begin with. Go back to all the basics and restart your horse.


Excerpt from:  RIDE SMART by Craig Cameron with Kathy Swan.  Page 192. Published by Western Horseman.  

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SOCA Craig Cameron Clinic & EXCA Race
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Bill Cameron
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Ask the Judge:



What obstacles should I practice in preparing for the EXCA World Championship?



Based on my experience competing in EXCA for the past 5 years I would say going back to the basics is best. For example, back through and side passing over poles is always good to practice foot and body control. Practicing different size bridges and water boxes gives your horse confidence. I try not to show my horse too many scary things because the last thing I want to do is shake his confidence. Another thing competitors should practice is jumping because it is always included in the EXCA World Championship. In addition, two obstacles that seem to be difficult for the competitors are the daisy chain and the pinwheel.


    - - -     Bill Cameron

SOCA and Green River Clinics has some exciting news!  

Written by Tracy Pinson


Craig Cameron is coming to South Carolina for a clinic on August 30-31 and will announce an Extreme Cowboy Race on Sunday, September 1st. Make your plans now!!! 

Joel Mobley and Green River Farm will be hosting a two day clinic with master horseman, Craig Cameron - If you haven't attended one of Craig's clinics, you are really missing out. You will ride from sun up to sun down and learn more in two days than you can learn in a month anywhere else.....Plus, you will have a blast!!!

Additionally, SOCA is teaming up with Green River Farms to add another opportunity to get EXCA World Qualifying Points! After you spend two days improving your skills, Craig will be announcing the race on Sunday, September 1st. What more can you ask for - One of the best outdoor courses in the country, Craig Cameron to add to the fun and an opportunity to earn those much coveted points!! Come join us!

Details for the clinic can be found at:

and race info and forms: 

2013 EXCA World Championship Reminder
Club Sponsors Needed.
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Cece Bulkley & Diane McMurtrey
Bring Your Flags
Get your state, country, and club flags ready!!  This year we will be showcasing the EXCA clubs by hanging your flags.  Please remember to drop them off with the staff at the EXCA office.

World show details.
Craig Cameron Shootout
Spectator Tickets
Hotel/Motel Information

Hope to see you at the EXCA 2013 World Championship!!


Halloween Party October 31st!
Contact Cece Bulkley or Diana McMurtrey
for details.

CONGRATULATIONS to Mid Mountain Region racers

August 3, 2013 EXCA results:



1st    Brittany Wiseheart & Duke 

2nd   Josie Gilbert & Maverick

3rd    Brittany Wiseheart & Sweetie

4th    Josie Gilbert & Red 

5th    Kristen Wiseheart & Molly  



1st    Mike Burdett

2nd   Jeanne Burdett

3rd    Laura Easom

4th    Lisa Reichert

5th    Georgia Manus

6th    Linda Moneymaker


Non Pro  

1st    Brittany Wiseheart & Sweetie

2nd   Inez Throm & Warpaint

3rd    Inez Throm & Drifter

4th    Josie Gilbert & Aurora


Ride Smart

1st     Dan Yopp

2nd    Robin Ryan  

3rd     Rosie Mitchell  

4th     Don Throm 



1st   Inez Throm & Red

2nd  Inez Throm & Maverick

3rd   Inez Throm & Warpaint