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 BRAVE HORSE             Apeil 2016  
Welcome to the Extreme Cowboy Association   


We are excited about 2016 and the many fun filled and exciting Extreme Cowboy Racing events that are on the schedule. 

The formation of EXCA has been an thrilling and challenging adventure! Many people have worked tirelessly to create an association that you will be proud to tell your friends about.

This is the latest issue of your monthly newsletter, The Brave Horse.

You will receive it each month electronically around the middle of the month.  The Brave Horse will be full of interesting stories, EXCA event results, point standings, human interest stories about EXCA members and Tips and Tales from our founder, Craig Cameron.  We encourage you to communicate your suggestions for stories and ideas that will make The Brave Horse fun, better and more informative.  The Brave Horse the best newsletter in the equine world.


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 A Cowboy Challenge by Runt Rageth  


Its  evening, everyone is gathered around the chuck wagons, the campfire blazes away, alone coyote howls in the distance, while each cowboy readies his bedroll for the night. One of the top hands from the neighbors outfit boast on how well he roped today, the foreman from your outfit respectfully disagrees and brags on the men in his outfit.  The next thing you know, a challenge has been issued and accepted. Thus came the beginning for rodeos and many other Cowboy Challenges and Traditions.


I think the competitive spirit lives within each and every cowboy or cowgirl. In this modern age all we need is a place and reason to turn that spirit loose. Craig Cameron's Extreme Races and Cowboy Challenges give everyone brave enough to mount up, a chance to compete among their peers and or heroes. Craig's helping keep the western lifestyle alive by having his races and challenges. The challenges are exciting for the spectators and they push the contestants to use all of their horsemanship skills to get the job done.


The Cowboy Challenge that was held at the Double Horn Ranch will be extremely entertaining for any audience and I promise you that each of the competitors on the two man teams pushed themselves to their physical limits for a chance to take home the Buckle not to mention a really big paycheck. Each team was made up of experienced horsemen with a wide range of skills and abilities.


The Brown Bandits were big, young and athletic guys which was a huge advantage over some of the more "seasoned" competitors. Cole and Bruce were both world class athletes and up and coming trainers in the Working Cow Horse and Polo World. Cricket (Bruce's dog) made sure they did everything right and stayed on track. It did not hurt that they have a pretty famous dad and uncle to show them the ropes. If you have not guessed both of the last names are Cameron.


A bronc rider/ranch hand and a horse trainer/team roper made up the Green Team. Both guys are seasoned horsemen even if they were a little wet behind the ears and everywhere else as far as that goes. Clint Hoepke and Greg Ganzkow both have been apprentices at the Double Horn Ranch giving them the exposure to what it takes to be a cowboy. I will say that the Green Team was not afraid to talk trash, when it came down to it, those guys were good.


When you have PBR and PRCA bull riding Legends, the likes of Jim Sharp and Ted Nuce making up the Bull Team, it makes you take a step back in awe. When you think about all the things these two guys have done, the reality sets in that you might just get your butt kicked. You have to tell yourself that if you do get beat by these two, it will be okay, because they are among the toughest men in the world. Both men are seasoned ranch hands and experienced horsemen. Notice I said seasoned not old, I do not want those two mad at me.  


The Red Rangers are just a couple of average competitors. The 2015 National EXCA Pro Champion, multiple time EXCA world qualifier and Calgary Stampede Cowboy Up Challenge competitor, Chris Redden makes up one side. He has rode bareback bucking horses and still competes in numerous ranch rodeos. A seasoned rancher and experienced horseman, comes to win, have fun and the faster he gets to go the better. I grew up ranching and training horses. I competed in various events thru High School, College and into the Amateur Rodeos. Being the 2014 EXCA Pro World Champion and two times Champion of the Calgary Stampede Cowboy Up Challenge makes me no stranger to pressure. In the past, Chris and I have competed against each other, this time we got to work together and compete against everyone else.


I do not know how many nights Craig stayed awake to think up all the events for this Challenge, but it must have been a lot.  Who in their right mind, would say "okay ride your horse into the pen, get off, run as fast as you can (through ankle deep sand), climb over a fence (that you can't even see over), pick up a saddle and run up a hill (that seemed like two hundred yards), then try and shoot a target with a pistol and a rifle (like that will work)". To make it worse all eight of us knot heads said "Oh that sounds like fun, let's do it". Of course it was on the day it was only 105 degrees in the shade.


Craig's twisted mind was working overtime when he came up with the morning chores event. You tell me how you get fun out of digging a post hole, changing a flat tire on a trailer, carrying water buckets and scooping poop. I am pretty certain that none of us have ever done chores that fast in our lives. The rest of the events were creative, entertaining and plain out fun.


I can't help but think that once viewers watch the first episode, they will be hooked and will have a hard time waiting to watch the next one. I hope the viewers get excited about the episodes to come and keep watching to see which team brings home the paycheck. Or they might be watching to see, if the eight of us knot heads, excuse me I mean competitors, follow Craig blindly over the edge of a cliff like a bunch of lemmings!


Congratulations to all competitors for a job well done. The competition and the comradery were world class. It really was a great group of cowboys to hang out with and compete against. Thanks to everyone who helped put on the Challenge and a huge "thank you" to the Sponsors. With their continued support these Challenges and the Extreme Cowboy Association can only get bigger and better. Thanks to Craig and Dalene Cameron for being such dedicated hosts and the use of their world class facility.


I am sure Craig is already lying awake at night again, thinking of what he is going to do at the next Cowboy Challenge.


 EXCA Adjusted the "Speed Factor" in their scoring system  

The Extreme Cowboy Association has listened to its riders.  We have reduced the emphasis on speed and increased the emphasis on Horsemanship in our scoring system.   

All EXCA Clubs must follow the same rules!!  
EXCA has grown! The Extreme Cowboy Association is now a worldwide entity with clubs spanning over four continents! Now more than ever it is vital we preserve consistency throughout the organization.
In order to maintain the integrity of this competition, each club must adhere to the to Extreme Cowboy Association, Inc. rules and guidelines as outlined in the 7th Edition Rulebook. As a reminder, Extreme Cowboy Association, Inc. is the governing authority that develops, administers and enforces the competition rules. Non-compliance may result in affiliation or membership termination.

We continually strive to ensure a consistent experience for each competitor, judge and affiliated club. Thank you for your continued support and cooperation!
 Ride 'em, cowboy!  

By Justin Case Chronicle contributor 

Dennis Robinson of Crossville competed in the Extreme Cowboy Association (EXCA) World Finals held in Hamilton, TX, Oct. 28 through Nov. 1. He was presented the world champion buckle for having the highest all around point total for the 2015 season by Craig Cameron, world class clinician and RFD-TV personality.
In order to win the prestigious buckle, Robinson competed frequently, but had to place fairly high in each event. Robinson rarely finished out of the top four in any event that he and his horse, Cole, entered. He is considered the Trevor Brazile (a 22-time world rodeo champion) of EXCA.
"It was a season long effort," said Robinson about preparing for the finals. "Lots of practice. Lots of riding."
The EXCA is the fastest growing equine organization in the world. It is the original and only recognized association for the sport of Extreme Cowboy Racing, which was originated by Cameron. Both horse and rider are challenged to maneuver through a series of obstacles demonstrating both horsemanship and speed. The majority of the obstacles are those routinely encountered while on a trail ride or daily work on a ranch. 
Riders of all levels are welcome to participate in the annual challenge, with men and women competing against each other in all divisions. This year a record nine countries were represented at the world finals, which were highly competitive.
Robinson is no stranger to EXCA competition. This year was his fourth year of competing.
He previously won the world champion buckle for the top total points in 2012 and 2013. He also won the South Central Ride Smart Championship in 2014 and again this year. The Ride Smart division is for riders age 55 and over. Many consider this division to be the toughest due to the ages of the riders and their years of riding experience.
Robinson also competes in the intermediate division, which is for riders who are ready to move out of the novice division but are not yet ready to compete as a non-professional. He won in this division of the South Central Region Championship this year, too.
Robinson qualified for the world championship this year in both divisions. The world competition requires two runs in each division, with the top 10 in each moving on to Sunday's shootout for the world championship title. 
Robinson competed against 40 Ride Smart competitors, maneuvering through 13 obstacles and earning bonus points for speed along the way. He finished seventh in the world on the last day of the world finals. Though he did not make the top 10 in the intermediate division, Robinson finished 17th in the world.
"What was so sweet for Dennis in 2015 was that in previous years he and Cole never made the top 10 in order to ride on Sunday, when the scores are thrown out and everyone has an equal chance at the world buckle," said Robinson's friend, Justin Case. 
Although the competition gets tougher each year, Robinson keeps improving as well. He was very proud of the year he and Cole just completed. He gives a lot of credit for his success to Cole as the horse also continues to improve every year.
What's most impressive to many is the fact that Robinson is 71 years old and only started riding horses when he was in his mid-50s. He was a local and national trail rider until he discovered EXCA, and then, as the saying goes, the rest is history.
"It feels good," said Robinson when asked what it meant to him to win at age 71. "I am happy to be alive and rocking in the saddle rather than in the rocking chair."
Dennis competes on Cole, his 16-year-old Tennessee Walker that he has raised and trained exclusively since the horse was a two-year-old. On Cole, Robinson had the fastest time in one round of competition and was consistently in the top five times for speed against some of the top quarter horses in the country. 
"At speeds of up to 35 mph, you have to know your horse," said Robinson, offering advice for aspiring riders. "If you are going to compete at this level and speed, you have to know what your horse is going to do and your horse has to know what you are going to do. Trust is a mutual must."
Cole was one of only two Tennessee Walkers to make Sunday's top 10 in all seven divisions. Three of the four all-around top point-getters nationally in 2015 were from Tennessee, all riding gaited horses.
"Another amazing thing is this: Dennis and Cole rode the 100-mile Red Steagall Wagon Ride from Jacksboro, TX, to Fort Worth Stock Yards, averaging 20 miles per day the week before the EXCA world finals," said Case.
The trail ride and wagon train is part of the annual Red Steagall Cowboy Gathering, which began Oct. 18 in Jacksboro. Robinson and the other cowboys traveled to Perrin, Mineral Wells, Weatherford and Azle, TX, before arriving in the Fort Worth Stockyards National Historic District Oct. 22 for the Western Swing Festival.
"Dennis and Cole hit a tremendous rainstorm their last day on the trail," said Case. "The storm left nine inches of rain in the Dallas-Fort Worth area over that weekend. Not dampened by the rain, Dennis and Cole rested a few days before the world finals."
Robinson is a resident of Crossvile, where he has worked for eight years with McCulley Siding and Window. He and his beautiful bride of 43 years, Lee, are members of Lantana Baptist Church, where they sing in the choir. The couple have two wonderful children and two "great" grandchildren.
At 71 and riding a Tennessee Walker in the EXCA world finals, Robinson is an inspiration to many. He has no plans to slow down his activities anytime soon. He has dreams of winning the world buckle once again and encourages everyone to get out and ride today regardless of their age.
"I will continue riding and competing," said Robinson. "I cannot slow down as I have to compete against good riders as much as 40 years younger."

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