APRIL 2014

Welcome to the Extreme Cowboy Association   

We are excited about 2014 and the many fun filled and exciting Extreme Cowboy Racing events that are on the schedule. 

The formation of EXCA has been an thrilling and challenging adventure! Many people have worked tirelessly to create an association that you will be proud to tell your friends about.


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Photo By:  Marilyn Merrick

Craig Cameron.. 


A True Story:  Tough Teacher

A regular rider at one of my working clinics began taking his horse and sound riding practices for granted.  Knowing better, he omitted any warm-up and foolishly mounted an extrmely fresh horse.


When the horse became excited and went into a fast gallop instead of using proper riding aids (hands, seat and legs), this hapless rider froze.  When he stiffened, he became unbalanced and before he knew it, he was underneath his horse.   The fall broke his leg.

There's really no excuse for careless riding.  This was an incident that could've easily been avoided with proper preparation.  The rider learned a hard lesson.  Experience can sometimes be a tough teacher.


Excerpt taken from Craig Cameron's Ride Smarter book, Pg 78 . Published by Western Horseman with Susan Morrison.

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Ask the Judge: Definition of a Novice Rider
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Actress Stafanie Powers tries out the EXCA Sport
Craig Cameron Collection 
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Especially Extreme Cowboy Racing!  
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Ask the Judge:  
The Definition of a Novice Rider:
A Novice rider is usually someone kind of new to riding or has not developed a good seat.  It is obvious when they canter or lope that they don't have good balance and are often heavy on the mouth.
Often there is a fear factor involved and Novice riders have a problem with speed which presents a problem for them when it comes to jumping, this is why jumping has been taken out of the Novice Division.
If someone is winning consistently in the Novice Division, it is up to them to move up into the Intermediate Division after their first year so that people just starting out can have a chance. 
What is discouraging for a competitor is to see a Novice rider that can ride at full speed and fly over jumps with ease!  That person probably belongs in the Intermediate Division even in if it is their first year competing.  We count on people being honest about their experience and putting themselves in the proper division!
                                                 - - -     Bill Cameron
2014 Hall of Fame Nominations
EXCA is now accepting Hall of Fame & Horse Hall of Fame Nominations                   
Nomination form for Hall of Fame.
Nomination information & application for the
Horse Hall of Fame.

  Stefanie Powers Tries Out Extreme Cowboy Racing.
Star of the hit 70's TV show "Hart to Hart" Spends a weekend with Bill Cameron and gets an introduction to the EXCA sport.


Stefanie Powers may be hooked on Extreme Cowboy Racing.  She spent this past weekend at Bill Cameron's ranch learning the ins and outs of competing in EXCA.  She had missed the State Championship event and really wanted to compete in a sanctioned event.  Bill and Evon put on an unsanctioned last minute Cowboy Challenge for their NaturalBornRacers EXCA club members and Stefanie showed up and competed for the first time along side EXCA competitors.


An avid top polo player and english rider, never having ridden in a western saddle before, brought an unique saddle (loaned to her by her best friend and designed by famous singer Tony Orlando).  She couldn't get comfortable in the saddle at first, her dilemma was too much leather and how does one sit in it when going thru the Texas 2 step. 


EXCA competitors really enjoyed spending time with her working cattle and competing in the race.  We do hope she will drop by the EXCA 2014 World Championship and meet our EXCA family.







 The EXCA Nationals Extreme Cowboy Race hosted by SOCA, will be held on May 23rd and 24th at the historic Celebration Grounds in Shelbyville, TN.  Last year’s event drew over 90 of the top entries from all over the United States.  This year is already shaping up to be another great event with entries from over 15 states, as well as Canada.  There will be over $5,000 in prize money, with buckles being awarded to champions and reserve champions in all divisions (except Green Horse), as well as ribbons through 10th place and other prizes.  On top of all the awards, this will be a triple point event to earn those coveted points toward qualifying for the World Finals in Hamilton, Texas.

We are also excited to announce that SOCA has successfully negotiated with the famed Calgary Stampede to give an automatic invite to the 2014 EXCA Nationals Pro Champion to participate in the 2015 Cowboy Up Challenge.  This invite would go to the victorious rider, be non-transferable, and apply to the following year (2015), as the Stampede is in early July and would not allow enough time to make arrangements for the 2014 event.  The Cowboy Up Challenge is an invitation only event that features the top riders from all over North America.

Peter Fraser from the Calgary Stampede said:  “Our Calgary Stampede team was delighted to be able to respond positively to SOCA’s compelling request.  We are always on the lookout for prestigious shows that we can be assured attracts a deep and very high quality group of competitors - for the purpose of being able to offer an automatic invitation to the judged winner of their Pro class.  Based on my observations of the U. S.  National Show, as managed and promoted so excellently by the SOCA team, the show and its competitors are most deserving of one being granted one of those automatic invites.”

SOCA extends a huge thanks to the Calgary Stampede for this honor.  

Additional information and entry forms can be found on the EXCA or SOCA websites ( or