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We are excited about 2013 and the many fun filled and exciting Extreme Cowboy Racing events that are on the schedule.  The formation of EXCA has been an thrilling and challenging adventure! Many people have worked tirelessly to create an association that you will be proud to tell your friends about.


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Craig Cameron.. 


There's no better place than CCU - Craig Cameron University - to learn about horses, horsemanship, self-confidence. responsibility, and lessons that will carry over into every aspect of your life. To provide the level of education we offer, we can only accept a very limited number of internships.


Our apprenticeship is based on each individual's needs and abilities. We cover it all, from beginning, to winning.


Our program:

- Offers one-on-one instruction
- Shows you how to ride like a champion
- Ranges from one week to three months, to suit the individual's needs
- Give us a call at (800) 274-0077 to find out more.
- Or send us an e-mail right now!



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Bill Cameron
Photo by Andrea Kaus


My horse is afraid of the rope gate and I am going to compete today, what should I do? 


To gain points without loosing every thing; a good display of horsemanship would be to dismount and open the rope gate from the ground, and walk thru with your horse.  After walking thru, close the rope gate, remount and continue to the next obstacle.


As a judge I would give a score of 3 or 4 for showing good horsemansihp. 


I would rather see this strategy than someone struggle and get less poins making it a less than positive experience.


          - - -     Bill Cameron


January Winning Article:

2013 EXCA - An Experience of a Lifetime                             

By Jessica Matthews


I have been riding for 12 years, and I've never competed up until this recent year. I started in English riding, working my way through to become a Dressage rider, before I moved from Florida to Texas, where I've gained my love of Western riding. I met Dorothy Wynne a year after my move and she got me into Extreme Cowboy Racing, even before the EXCA was considered an organization. But even then I didn't really compete, because I had no way of getting a horse to a competition.

Then, after a year of learning from another trainer, I felt that it was time to learn to compete in Extreme Cowboy Racing through the EXCA. I had the ok to take his green pleasure mare to competition, but I had to find a way to get her from point A to point B. After mentioning that I had no way of getting the mare to a competition, a friend offered her horse, a buckskin mare name Texas to ride and compete on. I met both Cj and Texas in March and decided that this was pretty much the only way that I would ever start competing until I got my own vehicle and trailer so I could travel on my own. I went to a clinic with Craig Cameron and Lee Hart and then to a couple of competitions with her. At the time, I was only riding her once a month, because I live about two-and-a-half hours away from Cj, so I couldn't just up and leave every day to ride her consistently.


That was when things changed. At a race in July, my second race, we won, yes, we won the Novice division. It came as a complete shock to me, because I was only riding Texas once a month, so our inconsistent riding put us at a complete disadvantage. Cj and I found that I had a connection with Texas, and she offered her for me to buy her, and we found the chance to have her come down to my area so I could ride her every day and begin to work on everything we needed to improve on.


We continued to get better and we were able to go to several other races, making it to the World Championships. While we didn't make the top ten, we still showed everyone, especially those who knew this mare from last year, that she has become a different horse and we've become such an incredible team. We still have a lot of learning to do, but isn't that what all riders do? Texas and I are ready for the next several years to come, and will continue to improve.





EXCA  International News
Andre Veris is getting the club set up and running in February!  September 2014 Bill Cameron EXCA clinics & EXCA races, you can contact Andre if you would like more information at:
Gergely Torok commented that their season is blasting off with thier March 22 event!  Bill Cameron had a conference call with them and they are very excited about the 2014 competition year and being part of the EXCA family.  Bill Cameron is scheduled to tour Hungary in  September 2014.  For details on EXCA clinics and races Contact Gergeley Torok at
Richard Svec is on course and planning his club year.  First race to be posted soon on the EXCA Calendar of events. Richard will have Bill Cameron at his ranch in September 2014.  You can contact Richard at:



Offeringn a two day EXCA with Bill Cameron May 29 & 30. 
May 31 EXCA Race in Stockholm, Sweden. 
Contact Linda Ohgren for further information:
South Africa
Debbie Boltman
Calendar of events for 2014 to be posted soon at:
FaceBook Extreme Trail South Africa Group Page:


Extreme Cowboy Alberta News:
WINTER BUCKLE SERIES: Our first race on Sunday, February 9 is just around the corner. Have you registered? First to enter and pay is last to ride. You can enter more than one horse and/or enter more than one division (if qualified). There will be prize money for each race, in four divisions, and a beautiful buckle awarded after the finals race for each division.

The 3 races (Feb.9, Mar.9, Apr.19-finals) are cumulative points, so enter all 3 for the best chance at earning points. There is a late fee applicable within 3 days of each race., to register. Registration is complete once payment is made.
JIM ANDERSON CLINICS:   We still have openings in some of our horsemanship/obstacle clinics with Jim. He is an amazing horseman and instructor who can help any level of rider - whether you want to improve... horsemanship to tackle those race obstacles OR you want strategies for attacking the race.


International clubs please contact if you would like your events and stories posted here.