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We are excited about 2014 and the many fun filled and exciting Extreme Cowboy Racing events that are on the schedule. 

The formation of EXCA has been an thrilling and challenging adventure! Many people have worked tirelessly to create an association that you will be proud to tell your friends about.


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Photo By:  Marilyn Merrick

Craig  Cameron

A Better Way...the Ebb and Flow  

    Many times we get in a hurry in life, but we can't get in a hurry with horses.  That doesn't work. It takes time to make a great horse and a brave horse.  The horse doesn't see life as 24 hours a day; I think he just sees it as straight ahead.  If we do good jobs today, our horses should be better tomorrow.

    Our horses  are going to get better gradually if we're handling and working them correctly, but there still are days when they're unsure of their work.  We have to ride that ebb and flow. Every day is not going to be perfect.we have to stay casual throughout the processor trying to create brave horses, and not let ourselves get upset, troubled, mad or frustrated.   When we get that way, the horses tend to follow our feelings, and that's not what they need.  They need positive leadership.

    As your work with your horse, pretend your favorite horseman is watching you, or that thousands of people are watching you, so you are always at your best. Treat each day as if you're in a world championship setting, being judged for your horsemanship skills. Remain calm and in control.

    Remember all the while that horses are individuals, and some can be brought along further or faster than others.  Some horses are tougher to deal with.  Some are naturally braver than others, and some are naturally more frightened .  But with a purpose and goal in mind, and good training methods, you can help the vast majority of horses, bring them along steadily, and make them feel safe, confident and brave horses that we all desire. 


Excerpt taken from Craig Cameron's "Ride Smarter" book.



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Ask the Judge:  


What is a judge looking for in a good side pass?

The first thing a judge looks for is a good approach.  Approaching at a lope if possible on a loose rein and stopping or sliding onto the mark will give you a higher score on the approach.  As a judge, I like to see the obstacle behind the riders heel, giving the horse plenty of room to cross their feet without touching the obstacle.

When navigating the obstacle, make sure the horses front feet have room to cross over without touching the obstacle.  The horse and rider should be perpendicular to the log or poll with both ends of the horse moving together, and  moving across the obstacle without hesitation.  When the side pass is sticky or the horse heavy on their feet, this affects the score.  Each time the horse touches an obstacle, points will be deducted from the obstacle score.

After finishing the side pass, in the departure the rider should be ready to lope off quietly to the next obstacle within a couple of steps.  


                                                - - -     Bill Cameron
2014 Hall of Fame Nominations
EXCA is now accepting Hall of Fame & Horse Hall of Fame Nominations                   
Nomination form for Hall of Fame.
Nomination information & application for the
Horse Hall of Fame.
You could be crowned a champion at this fun, rewarding EXCA competition -  TEXAS EXCA Regional Championships

Labor Day Weekend!

Bring your horse to the 2014 Texas Regional Championship and experience an event that will tune up your skills for World's in an exceptional venue at the Texas Tech Equestrian Center. No matter where you live, you can compete in the Texas Regional Championship. You do not need to be qualified or an EXCA member to compete or race.

You can win money and great prizes from the Texas EXCA! We are offering 100%* payback for Pro, Non-Pro and Ride Smart.  We will also have a great prize for the All-Around High Point Winner. Plus, you will be earning triple qualifying points for World Championships. *($10 of the entry fee will go to EXCA Fees).

We are offering all divisions; including Youth (7 - 11 years), Young Guns (12 -17 years), Novice, Intermediate, Non-Pro, Ride Smart, Pro and Green Horse Division. Youth and Young Guns entry fees are only $15!! You won't find any cheaper entry fees for a high point championship race.

The Texas Tech Equestrian Center is a great venue. It will be one of the best venues you compete in this year. This 50 acre facility is comprised of 1 indoor arena with an attached covered warm up arena and 3 outdoor arenas plus a 150+ stall barn. The RV hook ups are conveniently located to the stall barn and arena! No long walks to get to your horse or tack! Concessions will be on site for your  convenience too.

We are also offering an extrodinary chance to work with an EXCA world champion and the 2014 Reserve Champion at Calagry Stampede ~ Lee Hart. He is our judge for the competition and Lee will be holding a clinic on Sunday, August 31. Lee's innovation, inspiration and instruction can help you develop a safe and trusting partnership with your horse. What you will learn during your work with Lee will permanently and positively change the way you deal with your horse. You will not only benefit from the group lesson, but will receive personal instruction from Lee. You will ride away with a better understanding of your horse. This clinic is limited to 12 people to insure the most attention to each rider as well as to give participants the chance to try all the obstacles. Register for the clinic being held on Sunday, August 31st by calling Laura Allen @ 936-661-6075. Registration closes on August 15.

Need a hotel room for your stay? The Holiday Inn Express Hotel and Suites.  Wolfforth is only 4 miles away from the Texas Tech Equestrian Center and offering a special discount for the EXCA competitors.
 Reserve your spot early. Spots are filling up fast so don't wait. You can register on-line at:

Important information:

* Lee Hart Clinic. DEADLINE to reserve a spot is August 15th

* Stalls (for horse/ tack) reservations can be made on-line or by contacting Laura Allen. Deadline to reserve your stall is

* Shavings $8/bag (one bag minimum per stall required) and must be purchased from TTEC

* RV Hook-up reservations can be made on-line or by contacting Laura Allen. (Limited space available; reserve your spot

* Register on-line at Or visit to print off registration forms and mail them the address below.

* Holiday Inn Express Hotel and Suites - Wolfforth - 7921 Presidents Ave, Wolfforth, TX 79382 (877) 786-9480

Texas EXCA wants to help grow the EXCA in West Texas and the Panhandle region.  So let's show West Texas what the EXCA is made of and what is has to offer!

For more information or to make your reservations contact:
Laura Allen 936-661-6075
5416 17th Street
Lubbock, TX 79416

International News
Xtreme France 
France EXCA Nationals race August 23 & 24

Hungary EXCA to join forces with Austria 
and put on an EXCA race in Austria.  Yes, Austria will be joining EXCA!!!! 
Bill Cameron will be giving a judging clinic for  Hungary EXCA and Austria and then judging their first Austrian . EXCA race in September.  Let's give a big shout out to Greg Torok of the  Hungary EXCA club for making this happen! 
Mid Mountain Region Race Results
Mid Mountain Region July 19, 2014
1st  Linda Moneymaker
2nd Lisa Reichert
3rd Steve Stiltner
4th Rosie Mitchell
5th Ellie Blackatar

1st Brittany Wiseheart on Duke
2nd Kristen Wiseheart 
3rd Brittany Wiseheart on Warpaint

1st Laura Easom on Duke
2nd Laura Easom on Easy Burner
3rd  Brittany Wiseheart 
4th Elaine Gagne

Non Pro
1st Inez Throm on Warpaint
2nd Inez Throm on Maverick
3rd Inez Throm on Easy Burner

Ride Smart
1st Don Throm
2nd. Elaine Gagne

1st Inez Throm on Easy Burner
2nd Inez Throm on Warpaint 

Mid Mountain Region Race Results July 20
1st Linda Moneymaker
2nd Steve Stiltner
3rd Lisa Reichert
4th Elle Blacketar
5th Rosie Mitchell

1st Brittany Wiseheart on Duke
2nd Kristen Wiseheart 
3rd Brittany Wiseheart on Warpaint

1st Laura Easom on Duke
2nd Laura Easom on Easy Burner
3rd Brittany Wiseheart
4th Elaine Gagne
Non Pro
1st Inez Throm on Maverick
2nd Inez Throm on Warpaint
3rd Inez Throm on Easy Burner

Ride Smart
1st Jeanne Burdett
2nd Don Throm
3rd Elaine Gagne

1st Inez throm on Warpaint
2nd Inez Throm on Easy Burner

Congratulations to all!!