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            June 2016




Welcome to the Extreme Cowboy Association   

We are excited about 2016 and the many fun filled and exciting Extreme Cowboy Racing events that are on the schedule. 

The formation of EXCA has been an thrilling and challenging adventure! Many people have worked tirelessly to create an association that you will be proud to tell your friends about.

This is the latest issue of your monthly newsletter, The Brave Horse.

You will receive it each month electronically around the middle of the month.  The Brave Horse will be full of interesting stories, EXCA event results, point standings, human interest stories about EXCA members and Tips and Tales from our founder, Craig Cameron.  We encourage you to communicate your suggestions for stories and ideas that will make The Brave Horse fun, better and more informative.  The Brave Horse the best newsletter in the equine world.


Please forward your ideas and suggestions to Frank Turben at



The Extreme Cowboy Association is proud to announce the appointment of Peter Fraser as the Director of Judges and Judging for the EXCA


The appointment will be responsible for: 

  • Working with EXCA regional groups to conduct judging clinics for those regions - on a timely basis and appropriate for their specific needs and focus.  These clinics/seminars are expected to be self-sufficient in funding- as such the design and format will vary from place to place based on such considerations as the number of participants; live or video only assessment opportunity; teaching judges only or simultaneous teaching sessions for judges and riders; area specific teaching modules, etc.  This may also include the eventual design of a special "Judges Summit" for higher-level EXCA judges  
  • Craig Cameron and Peter Fraser will design and serve as the lead clinicians for all official EXCA Judging, Judges Advancement Seminars, and Judge's Clinics.
  • Develop a program to identify, train, and approve a small group of elite EXCA judges authorized to conduct official EXCA level 1 and 2 Judging seminars.
  • Design all testing instruments for level 2-4 advancement protocols.
  • Assess and recommend worthy candidates for elevation of their official judging level (1-4)
  • Serve as the primary source of information/answers for questions and/or rulings pertaining to judging procedures, interpretation of rules, proper handling of unusual situations, etc.
  •  Serve as the formal point of contact and resolution for all formal complaints regarding judges and judging. Recommend any corrective or disciplinary action - including the lowering or loss of judges' accreditation
  •  The World Show Judges and Competition Monitor: EXCA Implemented this two years ago and lead to several positive improvements: consistency/accuracy of decisions; transparency of situational rule interpretations; transferable educational opportunities for judges, riders and spectators, knowledgeable/pro-active management of "challenges;" confidence building within the competitor community, and team building. 
  • Aid in the identification/selection/monitoring of World Show judges
  • Help identify "rising star judges" create opportunities to aid in their development/exposure
  • Vet all proposed rule changes for their potential impact on judges and judging
  • Develop a variety of learning materials (such as case book examples of rule application; judging guidelines, roles and responsibilities) as part of an online information package for judges and competitors
  • Continue to judge EXCA events. During those assignments, where practical and appropriate, provide "value added" learning opportunities for the judge's community - scribing, shadow judging, question and answer sessions, targeted messaging, opportunities to host a gathering of judges at events such as World Show, etc.
  •  Provide appropriate updates, targeted messaging, and developmental exchanges intended for the entire approved list of judges
  •  Liaise with EXCA Officers, staff and key volunteer leaders




This issue: Drugs, people and horses

As we are in the thick of the EXCA season, we wanted to take a quick moment to remind all EXCA members about our guidelines regarding drugs, people and horses. We strongly discourage using any substance that could affect a horse's performance. Any substances or drugs that does not impact a horse's performance and have been prescribed by licensed veterinarian for the sole purpose of protecting the health of the horse may be allowed. Any evidence of drug use at an EXCA competition should be promptly reported to the main EXCA office. Thank you for joining us in our commitment to the horse, to a fair competition, and to the sport of Extreme Cowboy Racing. 



2016 Mid Central EXCA Regional Championship


Von Holten Ranch, a family owned farm since 1906 turned equine trail riding facility, has been the home of the Missouri State EXCA Championships for the past three years.  Von Holten Ranch (VHR) is equipped with 40 electric sites,  108 stalls, 4 country chic cabins, an air conditioned and heated shower house, and a covered 125x200 arena.  This year, they are hosting the Mid Central Regional Championships.  Mark your calendars for August 27-28, 2016! 

In addition to being a triple double, meaning that the event will be worth six single point competitions, VHR has added some flash and flare to this year's competition.  Here are the perks to attending - other than enjoying a well-run show, of course:

1.  Payback each day in the Green Horse, Ride Smart, Non Pro and Pro Divisions.

2.  Top 10 tie-dye ribbons EACH day for the Young Guns and Youth Divisions.

3.  Top 10 ribbons EACH day for the Novice and Intermediate.

4.  Champion and Reserve Champion ribbons daily for the Green  Horse, Ride Smart, Non Pro, and Pro Divisions.

5.  Overall Championship buckles for ALL divisions.

6.  Reserve Champion and 3rd place bronzed horse head statues.

7.  Judged by Diana McMurtrey and Julie Slater.

8.  Catered meal Saturday night!

9.  After the competition on Saturday, bring your swim shorts and let's play in the water sprinklers.  Bring a water gun...GAME ON!


Call for your camping and stall needs.  As always, negative coggins and having a good time are mandatory!  (660) 668-0880



Top Tips for Hot Weather Horse Care


Summer temperatures are here and you are worried about how the heat may affect your horse. Follow these simple tips to make sure your horse stays comfortable, safe and healthy during the warm summer months:

·         Make sure your horse always has access to clean, fresh water. A horse under work in hot weather can drink as much as 25 gallons of water a day. You also may need to clean your troughs and buckets more often in hot weather, as algae and insects grow and reproduce much more rapidly in standing water when it's hot than when it's cool.

·         Provide shade when you can. This might be a loafing shed, run-in shelter or just a good shade tree, but a horse that has shade available will tend to move out of the sun if it is getting too hot. If your horse is stalled, make sure there is good airflow through the area to provide heat relief - fans can be very useful. And if you turn your horse out for a portion of the day, do it in the morning or evening when the temperatures are cooler.

·         Make sure your horse has access to free choice salt. Salt drives thirst and replaces the key electrolyte sodium. Supplying other supplemental electrolytes via a good quality mineral (electrolyte) supplement will help replace other key nutrients for horses that are losing a lot of electrolytes by sweating. This can be especially important for horses under work.

·         You can provide extra cooling for your horse by bathing it with cool water. After a workout, spray your horse's neck back, rump and legs with cool water. Most horses will love a cool bath on a hot day.

·         The summer heat usually brings insects, too, so use repellant, fly masks and other insect control to keep your horses as comfortable as possible.

·         Modify your work or training schedule so that harder work with your horse is being done at cooler times of the day. If you must work your horse when it is very hot, decrease the time and intensity of the session to keep the horse from overheating.

·         If you suspect your horse is suffering from heat stress, consult your veterinarian. A rectal temperature higher than 103° F is a sign of heat stress. Other signs of heat stress include excessive sweating, heaving breathing or "panting", lethargy and going off feed.




The EXCA office is seeking businesses, organizations, and people who may be interested in sponsorship opportunities for our 2016 World's Show in Hamilton, TX! If you or someone you know may be interested, please have them email Any sponsorship ideas, leads, or introductions are greatly appreciated!






By Tammy Burgard, Shawnee, OK, Mid-Central Region 


Why do some EXCA venues fail and others succeed?   What makes a "good show"?   A "Good Show" to a show host is one that is well attended, allowing the show to cover its costs and maybe even make a small profit.  However, in order for show hosts to have a good show they need to understand what a "Good Show" means to competitors so that they will continue to attract competitors and hopefully grow their attendance each year.  I think there are many factors that make a show a success, like fun obstacles, good facilities, RV parking, footing, covered arenas, proximity to conveniences, concessions etc.  But I think there are two main things that have the biggest overall impact:

1) Judge or Judges  

2) Quality of the awards and/or payback


Let's face it - as competitors, we spend a great deal to show our horses, and at the end of the day we can live with a few inconveniences such as poor internet service or having to drive longer distances to town or no lunch served on site.  But competitors do want at least two things: to know the show will be judged fairly and to have something to show for our effort and investment at the end of the day.  Even ribbons are appreciated by most competitors (yes adults like them too!) in all divisions.  My own personal opinions about what competitors want have been formed by competing in multiple regions and hosting many shows for the past three years.


Over the years we have continued to make changes to our shows improving the quality and our venue. We have added RV spaces, expanded our pens, and added an additional Natural Course so we can run 2 arenas simultaneously, offering differing terrain.  We make sure that we rotate judges for every show and that our judges are experienced judges.  Our new judges are asked to scribe with experienced judges before we will hire them.  We have always looked for quality awards for our Championship shows, which have ranged from buckles to quality custom keepsakes from Cowhide Customs. We give awards each day to every level with Championship awards overall.  


This year for our Championship show at Rolling Stone Stables we are raising the bar even higher!  Our State Championship Awards will be a 3 day, 2 night stay in Las Vegas with UNRESTRICTED dates and two years to use the award!  "Unrestricted dates" means  during any of the Championship rodeos held in Las Vegas including the National Finals!  This award also comes with $500 in gambling vouchers as well!  If you are unable to travel to Las Vegas then the award is completely transferable and can be given as a gift.  If you can't make it next year you can use it the year after since it is good for 2 years.  We will also be giving our Champions commemorative plaques so you still have something to hang on the wall to show off your achievement. 


So if you are looking for a "Good Show" with GREAT prizes and judges, two distinctly different courses, excellent footing, RV parking, daily awards and fun people, I hope you will put the Oklahoma State Championship show on your calendar August 6-7th!  





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