MAY 2014

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We are excited about 2014 and the many fun filled and exciting Extreme Cowboy Racing events that are on the schedule. 

The formation of EXCA has been an thrilling and challenging adventure! Many people have worked tirelessly to create an association that you will be proud to tell your friends about.


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Craig mm photo
Photo By:  Marilyn Merrick

Craig Cameron.. 


A True Story..Fool's Gold  

When we talk about the brave horse, we're talking about courage.  And courage is mental,

physical and emotional strength.  It is the ability to withstand danger, fear or difficulty. 

As an animal of prey, that is not necessarily a natural trait of the horse; it is something we must develope.


Several years back, I was brought a palomino horse to work and I must say that this horse's demeanor was one of fear.  I believe this horse had been abused, and I knew I would have to start from the very beginning to gain the trust of this traumatized Horse.  This horse's instinct was always the instinct of flight, and he had a fear of humans so strong that when I approached him he would shake. 

I made up my mind I was going to help this horse.


A year later, I felt I had a great rapoprt and understanding with this yellow horse that I came to call Gold.  He had come a long way and was a completely different horse, but still had to be handled corretly.  I had a friend named Pat working with me at

the time.  Pat was a veteran and, I think, had empathy for this horse because of his experiences in Vietnam.  Pat enjoyed riding Gold. 


One afternoon I was visiting with my friend Ty Murray when Pat said he was going to work Gold.  It was a cool morning and I suggested that he be sure to warm up Gold to maintain the confidence and trust that we had been developing.

Pat nonchalantly said, "Oh, heck, he'll be allright."   Then Pat saddled and bridled Gold, and rode past Ty and me, headed down the hill behind my barn.  Not 10 seconds later, here came a yellow horse headed back to the barn with no bridle, no saddle and no rider.  I looked at Ty and said, "What horse is that?"


There was no way that could be Gold because Pat had just ridden out seconds before, complete with bridle and saddle.  As I looked up, here cam Pat afoot, carrying his saddle and bridle.  We asked what the heck happened.  Pat said, "Gold swallowed his head, bucked, and sent me, the saddle and bridle over his head and onto the ground.  Pretty impressive, huh?"


Ty's quick response was, "The only way I would have been more impressed is if you had come back up the hill that quick with no saddle, no bridle, and you still on the horse."


The moral of the story is no matter how good or how brave you think a horse is, you can never go wrong-- and probably always have a better ride--when you warm up your horse.   Remember:  Correction is good, but encouragement is better.


Excerpt taken from Craig Cameron's Ride Smarter book, Pg 134 . Published by Western Horseman with Susan Morrison.


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South Pacific Region Race

RideNEasy Ranch, Acton CA

May 17, 2014

Photos by:

Evon Kurtz Equine Sports Photography


Roberto Flores & Toro: Barrel Turns




Laura Swank & Flower: Logs


Bill Cameron & Laredo:  Logs


Laura Swank & Flower:  Water Carry


Roberto Flores & Toro: RollBack


Bill Cameron & Laredo: Ground Tie


Johnny Flores & Itzel:  Up Hill


Roberto Flores & Itzel


Bill Cameron & Laredo: RollBack


Roberto Flores & Itzel: Water Moguls


Lizz McIntosh & Coquette: Sidepass


Johnny Flores : Free Ride

Roberto Flores & Toro: Gate


Photographers note: 


 My apologies for showcasing specific riders and not all riders.  As I was competing myself and assisting other competitors.

Ask the Judge:  
Interview with Bill Cameron on Extreme Cowboy Racing

Q:  Define Extreme Cowboy Racing

A:  It is watching a horse and rider team show how versatile and confident they can be over extreme obstacles and under pressure to go fast without making mistakes or mishandling a horse.


Q:  What kind of mistakes?

A:  The rider and horse must show good control and precise approaches guiding cautiously through obstacles and departing without faltering.  Also the rider must remember a course that includes up to 13 obstacles which is important.  Sometimes riders will go off course and can be penalized.


Q:  What kind of rider would be good in Extreme Cowboy Racing

A:  Anyone can compete at any level.  Extreme Cowboy Racing challenges the horse and rider to think much harder, not ride harder.  Anyone can ride hard, few people can think hard while riding.  The idea is that the riders push themselves out of their comfort zone by picking up the tempo without losing control.  Finally, it challenges the competitors to memorize the course while under pressure of riding fast.  It is all part of the sport.


Q:  It sounds challenging. 

A:  That is why we call it Extreme Cowboy Racing.

                                                 - - -     Bill Cameron
2014 Hall of Fame Nominations
EXCA is now accepting Hall of Fame & Horse Hall of Fame Nominations                   
Nomination form for Hall of Fame.
Nomination information & application for the
Horse Hall of Fame.

Nationals Results 
Thanks to everyone that attended and helped out. We ended up with 108 awesome entries!!! 



......Tracy Pinson.


SOCA/EXCA National Championship was incredible! So many people to thank. All our volunteers scribing and timing, especially Keith and Mo Earle for traveling from Florida to Tennessee just to allow us to abuse them! To all the racers to jumped in and helped reset courses. To Tracy, Lisa and Terri in the office for getting results tabulated in short order. To Peter Frasier and Dee Ladd for their great judging. Mostly to a great group of racers who enjoyed wonderful competition and great friendships this weekend in Tennessee. Thank you all for coming. Look forward to seeing everyone at the Circle T in Hamilton, TX for the EXCA World Championship

                                                                     ...Diana McMurtrey




Young Guns Division Results
1 Bennett Green Chloe
2 Dana Fleming Destiny...
3 Kaleb Hartley TTR Boon Dozer CD
4 Shelby Keeker Zanna Rose
5 Bennett Green Briggan


Novice Divison Results
1 Joe Hollowy Solano's Moonlite Run
2 Jane Peniston Seven
3 Courtney Pearre Hawk
4 John Hodges Bud
5 Jennifer Forge Tag
6 Terri Glonek One Tuff Cowgirl
7 Rhiannon Cain Teddy
8 Alison Stewart Doc
9 Pat Keck Sandy
10 David Burgard Annie


Green Horse Division Results
1 Annie Chance Top Gunner in Black
2 Tracy Pinson Tuff Night At The Ritz
3 Josiah Hood Sarah
4 Bernie Duncan Delta Dawn
5 Jason Keeker TTR Dry River CD
6 Shelby Ratliff Brad Pitt
7 Tammy Burgard Cola
8 CC Metzler Abby


Non Pro Division Results
1 Leanne Hale Slick
2 Kelsie Graham Flower
3 Tracy Pinson Texan At The Ritz
4 Vaudry Edge Drifting Thru Poco
5 Steve Barrett Mr. Genuine Doc
6 Cullen Green Tater
7 Sally Addington Ghost of a Chance
8 Michael Lindsey Ace
9 Leanne Hale Brandy
10 CC Metzler Shelby The Mustang


Intermediate Division Results
1 Dennis Tipton Goodbar's Sonny (Zippy)
2 Kimberly Brown NCIS In Dixie
3 Dennis Robinson Threat's Dark Reflection
4 Lisa Steinbach Texan At The Ritz
5 Pam Greene Bacon Peyton
6 Danielle Cain The Buckskin Lady
7 Tammy Burgard Annie
8 Shelby Ratliff Dillion
9 Joe HollowaySolano's Moonlite Run
10 GloriaJan Neeley Toby McQuire 



Intermediate Division Results
1 Dennis Tipton Goodbar's Sonny (Zippy)
2 Kimberly Brown NCIS In Dixie
3 Dennis Robinson Threat's Dark Reflection
4 Lisa Steinbach Texan At The Ritz
5 Pam Greene Bacon Peyton
6 Danielle Cain The Buckskin Lady
7 Tammy Burgard Annie
8 Shelby Ratliff Dillion
9 Joe HollowaySolano's Moonlite Run
10 GloriaJan Neeley Toby McQuire


Youth Division Results
1 Eliza Green Lightnin'
2 Cullen Green Tater
3 Dana Fleming Destiny
4 Elizabeth Roten Belle
5 Rhiannon Cain Teddy
6 Elizabeth Roten Allie
7 Kaesha Smith TTR Boon Dozer CD
8 Taylor Harer Shortcake


Ride Smart Division Results
1 Steve Barrett Mr. Genuine Doc
2 Vaudry Edge Drifting Thru Poco
3 Rick Peniston Jake
4 Dennis Robinson Threat's Dark Reflection
5 Dennis Tipton Goodbar's Sonny (Zippy)
6 Jim Ochs Buster
7 Vaudry Edge Drifting Pick
8 James Best Honey Miss America
9 James Best Little Black Skids
10 Jan Neeley Toby McQuire


Pro Division Results
1 Tim Edge Drifting Pick
2 Kelsie Graham Flower
3 Leanne Hale Brandy
4 Laura Green Chloe
5 Tim Edge Mr. Lil Blue Tom
6 CC Metzler Shelby The Mustang
7 Annie Chance Electric Scooter
8 Kimberly Brown NCIS In Dixie
9 Josiah Hood Honey
10 Luke Reinbold Lontree Setfree



Young Guns 

Green Horse  


Non Pro



Editors Note:  These are the only shots I could find of the Winners!.


May 18 2014 Photos





May 17, 2014 EXCA race

Photos by Rita Torok



HUNGARY EXCA MUSIC VIDEO   (click on link to view)




Mid Mountain Region Race Results 
What a great race weekend in the Mid Mountain Region!! WOW did the riders start out with the bar raised this year!!!! Everyone ran a good race, horses tuned and ready. Truly humbled once again to be allowed to be a part of this journey called EXCA! What a great group of people I have been blessed to, not only have met along the way, but who can now be called friends. Thank you once again to the ID bar ranch, Inez and Don Throm for not only opening your ranch to us all, but your home as well.
.... Cindy Willilams


May 24,  2014

1. Georgia Manus on Aurora
2. Linda Moneymaker on Lakota
3. Lisa Reichert on Champ

1. Laura Easom on Duke
2. Elaine Gagne on Roy
3. Laura Easom on Easy Burner 'Red'
4. Don Throm on Wasabi
5. Don Throm on Norbi
6. Dan Yopp on Comanche

Non Pro
1. Inez Throm on Easy Burner 'Red'
2. Inez Throm on Maverick
3. Inez Throm on Warpaint

Ride Smart
1. Dan Yopp on Splinter
2. Elaine Gagne on Roy

1. Inez Throm on Warpaint
2. Inez Throm on Easy Burner 'Red'


 May 25, 2014


1. Linda Moneymaker on Lakota
2. Georgia Manus on Aurora
3. Lisa Reichert on Champ

1. Laura Easom on Duke
2. Elaine Gagne on Roy
3. Laura Easom on Easy Burner 'Red'
4. Don Throm on Wasabi
5. Don Throm on Norbi
6. Dan Yopp on Comanche
7. Rosie Mitchell on Victor

Non Pro
1. Inex Throm on Easy Burner 'Red'
2. Inez Throm on Warpaint
3. Inez Throm on Maverick

Ride Smart
1. Jeanne Burdett on Wildfire
2. Dan Yopp on Splinter
3. Elaine Gagne on Roy

1. Inez Throm on warpaint
2. Inez Throm on Easy Burner 'Red'  




EXCA Front and Center in the American Horsewoman's Challenge

In October many of the top women trainers in North America will be converging on the Lazy E Arena in Guthrie, Oklahoma for the American Horsewoman's Challenge. Featured in the competition will be the Extreme Cowboy Race. The Challenge is a continent-wide competition to crown the top all-around female horse trainers in the areas of ranch and trail versatility, Cowboy Dressage and liberty. The Extreme Cowboy Race will be all over the event as the skill test for the ranch and trail versatility portion.

Craig and Dalene Cameron have been advising the competition as members of the Advisory Board while EXCA Hall of Famer and Judge Diane McMurtrey, of Winter Garden, Fla., acted as one of the preliminary judges for the competition. Each trainer was required to submit a 15-minute video demonstrating their skills and equine partnership. The videos were reviewed and scored by a panel of judges across the U.S. Forty women were selected to train a green broke horse of their choice for the competition. On Sunday, October, 5 the EXCA race will kick off with Craig Cameron announcing and local EXCA club members and fans providing logistical support.

The Finals competition and celebration of the "Year of the Horse Woman" is being held October 3-5, 2014. The women will compete for more than $28,000 in cash and prizes. Diane McMurtrey will be one of two EXCA judges scoring the competitors at the Finals. EXCA members who would like to volunteer at the event should contact the American Horsewoman's Challenge through its website or by calling 425-222-3623. Fans can also follow the competitors' progress through their blogs and keep up-to-date on Facebook or as a member of the American Horsewoman's Challenge Remuda Club. Remuda Club members get discount tickets and preferred seating at the event. You can learn more at: Event tickets are on sale through Ticketmaster.