This year qualification to compete in the EXCA World Championship requires that the horse /rider team must rank in the top 60% of their Division. 
When there are two judges, the two total scores shall be added and then divided by two to arrive at the total point score.

*A Regional factor will be considered in determining World qualification
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Greenhorn memberships must upgrade to a full membership to have your points appear on these pages.
Age related Divisions must have a date of birth on file to show on their pages

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2020 Individual Points
DateNameEXCA #DivisionHorseClub NamePoints
3/22/2020Adams, Courtney6470YMidget Southern Cross Xtreme Cowboy Racing 3/22/2020117
3/22/2020Adams, Courtney6470YGMidgetSouthern Cross Xtreme Cowboy Racing 3/22/2020134.595