This year qualification to compete in the EXCA World Championship requires that the horse /rider team must rank in the top 60% of their Division. 
When there are two judges, the two total scores shall be added and then divided by two to arrive at the total point score.

*A Regional factor will be considered in determining World qualification
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Total National Points Age 70 & Over
Total PointsEXCA #First NameLast NameHorse
10912.36231BobHillRJ Freckles Jewel (Shango)
7073.7951352DennisTiptonPepto Master
5121.0332339JohnHodgesSB Shaney Face Dunit
4848.53230GreggMooreBoomers Double Doc
2710.9372021DennisRobinsonThreats Dark Reflection
1392.6042486DavidBurgardWR Classic Whiskey
1186.8782521HelenAlewineMega Elegance
1137.126579JamesBestLittle Black Skids
1118.1484872ElvenMitchellSmartypants Marty
1096.373579JamesBestHoney Miss America
1084.8992279David (Nip)DoddBuck
1043.091600RickPenistonSavvy Gun Play
1020.3064361DavidBuckLegacy's Best