This year qualification to compete in the EXCA World Championship requires that the horse /rider team must rank in the top 60% of their Division. 
When there are two judges, the two total scores shall be added and then divided by two to arrive at the total point score.

*A Regional factor will be considered in determining World qualification
Your EXCA membership must be current to have your points appear on these pages. 
Greenhorn memberships must upgrade to a full membership to have your points appear on these pages.
Age related Divisions must have a date of birth on file to show on their pages

Ride Smart Points
Total PointsEXCA #First NameLast NameHorse
440.6541992VaudryEdgeDrifting Thru Poco
435.77931BobHillRJ Freckles Jewel (Shango)
405.761352DennisTiptonGoodbars Sonny
396.5422339JohnHodgesSB Shaney Face Dunit
325.6752267BriceEhrichGive It All You Got
308.4213780ReneeLewisTR Really Splendid (Ace)
256.8374392HélèneBethmontOlympe du Rabet
181.2454188ChristianOuinNC Creary des Flots
180.1054188ChristianOuinTwist N Love
103.5454552GrahamNowellColonel Johnson
86.8325007HeatherSinclairClaremont Chemora