2013 EXCA World Championship Results

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Cam Schryver's Winning Run

        Mustang Challenge Inez Throm

        Craig Cameron Shootout World Champion Ricky Carey

        High Point World Champion - Dennis Robinson riding Threats Dark Reflection  - 7584 points

        Reserve High Point World Champion Nip Dodd riding Bucks Uno  - 6198 points

        Horse Hall of Fame Tater

        Hall of Fame

o   Jim Best

o   Evon Kurtz

o   Diane McMurtry

 Young Gun

        World Champion Go Round 1 & 2  Young Gun Piper Crabtree

        Young Gun 4th Place Madeline Lomas

        Young Gun 3rd Place Bennett Green

        Young Gun Reserve World Champion Piper Crabtree

        Young Gun World Champion Gianna Sbarbaro


        World Champion Go Round 1 & 2  Novice Paris Starn

        Novice 4th Place Robin Moore

        Novice 3rd Place Paris Starn

        Novice Reserve World Champion Michael Lindsey

        Novice World Champion Kayla Ginella

 Non Pro

        World Champion Go Round 1 & 2  Non Pro Tracy Pinson

        Non Pro 4th Place - Ricky Carey

        Non Pro 3rd Place Kelsie Jo Graham

        Non Pro Reserve World Champion Leanne Hale

        Non Pro World Champion Tracy Pinson


 Ride Smart

        World Champion Go Round 1 & 2  Ride Smart Steve Barrett

        Ride Smart 4th Place Jim Best

        Ride Smart 3rd Place Frances Jones

        Ride Smart Reserve World Champion Rick Peniston

        Ride Smart World Champion Jim Ochs


        World Champion Go Round 1 & 2  Futurity Lee Hart  Nip Dodd-Wizard of Highbrow Oz

        Futurity Reserve World Champion Lee Hart  Frances Jones- Sparkling Jacette

        Futurity World Champion James Anderson Six Flo Buck


        World Champion Go Round 1 & 2  Youth Kayla Ginella

        Youth 4th Place Shelby Ratliff

        Youth 3rd Place Meilan Sim

        Youth Reserve World Champion Kayla Ginella

        Youth World Champion Elena Aoki


        World Champion Go Round 1 & 2  Pro Cam Schryer

        Pro 4th Place James Anderson

        Pro 3rd Place Lee Hart

        Pro Reserve World Champion Runt Rageth

        Pro World Champion Cam Schryer 


Overall World Champion: highest score combined all 3 stages Cam Schryer


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