This year qualification to compete in the EXCA World Championship requires that the horse /rider team must rank in the top 60% of their Division. 
When there are two judges, the two total scores shall be added and then divided by two to arrive at the total point score.

*A Regional factor will be considered in determining World qualification.
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Greenhorn memberships must upgrade to a full membership to have your points appear on these pages.
Age related Divisions must have a date of birth on file to show on their pages

Choose Region from the drop down list. 

Races by Region
PointsEXCA #First NameLast NameHorseRegionDivision
170.9955533GaylenePadmanKelseyInt'l AustraliaY
103.7886010FionaMilvertonSmokin Blue CatInt'l AustraliaO
102.0086010FionaMilvertonSmokin Blue CatInt'l AustraliaNP
97.1866012JorjaMilvertonAlias Premium BlondeInt'l AustraliaO
89.7344047ShaneWoodallGunsliderInt'l AustraliaP
88.5354047ShaneWoodallGunsliderInt'l AustraliaO
88.2355533GaylenePadmanKelseyInt'l AustraliaNP
84.2816334DianeSolomonRL Special MagicInt'l AustraliaRS
84.1296150JasonSmythSilverthorn Musical SallyInt'l AustraliaNP
83.556150JasonSmythSilverthorn Musical SallyInt'l AustraliaI
81.9656334DianeSolomonRL Special MagicInt'l AustraliaI
79.5945578BriannaJonesGunsliderInt'l AustraliaY
79.2036149AnneSmythAlias Premium BlondeInt'l AustraliaI
78.2566334DianeSolomonRL Special MagicInt'l AustraliaNP
77.5495516SuzanneHaldenPeggyInt'l AustraliaRS
75.5055516SuzanneHaldenPeggyInt'l AustraliaI
66.8256149AnneSmythAlias Premium BlondeInt'l AustraliaN
64.55533GaylenePadmanFreddyInt'l AustraliaY
63.875532AmandaPadmanFreddyInt'l AustraliaNP
60.255532AmandaPadmanFreddyInt'l AustraliaY